About the Facility

The Honors Program prides itself on developing an uncommon community of scholars—so we take community-building seriously, and encourage students to take part in Honors activities outside the classroom. One of the major assets for this is Hume Hall, the Honors Program Living and Learning Community. Hume is populated mostly with our new incoming freshmen, making it a great place to meet friends that are also serious about academics while kicking your college career off to a great start!

Completed in Fall 2002 and dedicated on September 6, 2002, Hume Hall was designed as a residentially-based academic community. The Honors Residential College at Hume Hall is the first facility in the U.S. designed and constructed specifically in support of a residential college concept. It includes:

  • Two residential buildings
  • A commons building
  • Multimedia-capable classroom
  • Faculty office
  • Large activity room
  • Student Honors Organization (SHO) office
  • 24-hour information desk
  • Study lounge
  • Private study rooms for groups
  • Private conference room
  • A piano
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities

For more information and a 360° view, click here.


Getting a Spot

While Honors students are not required to live in Hume Hall, many report that one of the most enjoyable part of their first year is living with fellow Honors students in the Honors Residential College. This Living Learning Community (LLC) is a highly sought-after part of the Honors Program experience; however, based on space limitations, not all Honors students are guaranteed a space in Hume. The Department of Housing and Residence Education places students in Hume and other LLCs based on Housing application dates. For this reason, we encourage all potential Honors students to apply for Housing as early as possible. Housing will accept applications as soon as a future Gator has applied to the university. Housing applications can be created at http://hms.housing.ufl.edu.


What Students Say

What Hume Means to Me is an annual competiton for which students create art inspired by their experience in Hume. Check out the work of past winners below.

2022 Winners

  • Alexis Fernandez's First Place Video
  • Kathryn Anderson's Second Place Poem
  • Zephyr Peters's Third Place Digital Art

2021 Winners

  • Anisha Saripalli’s First Place Video
  • Lianna Zacharaczyk’s First Place Poem
  • Adrianna Leigh’s Third Place Essay
  • Kristen Rifenberg’s Third Place Digital Art

2020 Winners

  • Emily Canamella's First Place Video
  • Julia Santiago Garcia's Second Place Video Diary
  • Caronline Swain's Third Place Sonnet
  • Areebah Ahmed's Third Place Video
  • Regan Bellatoni Honorable Mention Letter
  • Stephanie Cobb Honorable Mention Digital Art
  • Muhamed Hobi's Honorable Mention Collage

2019 Winners

2018 Winners






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