What is Advising?

 Honors advising directly supports the mission of the UF Honors Program by:

  • Connecting students to resources and opportunities. Honors students often have multiple interests and abilities. Advisors help our students chart their paths by introducing them to possibilities that may be known or unknown to them.
  • Nurturing the growth and development of our pre-eminent undergraduates. Advisors foster this growth by helping our students find meaning, clarity, and congruity through ongoing conversations about their goals.
  • Engaging high achievers in academic planning from orientation through graduation. Advisors work with students to co-create a comprehensive plan that is ambitious, forward-thinking and tailored to each student’s unique story.

Learn more about Honors advising through our UF Honors Advising Syllabus.

How It Works:

Incoming First Year Honors Program students:

Honors advising begins at Preview, UF’s orientation program for new students. Each honors student will be paired with an experienced Honors advisor to schedule their first semester classes.

Our advisors understand our students’ unique abilities and backgrounds, as well as the long-term goals they have already set for themselves. They help students make well-informed decisions, taking into account credible sources of advice, while guiding students through the complex process of developing that first semester’s schedule.

Meet Your Advisors

Current Honors students:

Current students have unlimited opportunities to connect with the advisor of their choice.

      • Email: Have a quick question that can be described in just a few sentences? Contact advisor@honors.ufl.edu from your UF email address. An Honors advisor should respond within 3 business days during non-peak times in the academic year. During peak times (e.g. drop/add week, advanced registration), there may be a slight delay.

        Due to student confidentiality, advisors can only answer basic questions via email. For more in-depth questions, please utilize one of the next two advising options.

      • Express Hours: Express advising is available each week for brief meetings during the fall and spring semesters. Students are helped on a first-come, first-served basis via their advisor’s express hours link on Zoom.

        Express advising is intended for brief matters that can be addressed in 5-10 minutes. Example reasons include registration, scheduling, policies and procedures, forms and program completion.

        Students can find the current express hours for the semester in their Honors Cohort on Canvas.

      • Appointments: Appointments are reserved for broader conversations related to goal setting and achievement. Example reasons include exploring academic opportunities, long-term goals and interests, career interests and opportunities, and graduate / professional school preparation and planning.

        Students can now schedule an advising appointment with the advisor of their choice using Microsoft Bookings - see your Honors Canvas Cohort for the link. Students may also call the Honors Program office at 352-392-1519 to schedule an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled for as soon as the next business day.

Note that Honors advising does not replace advising through academic departments. Students are encouraged to contact their college advisors for specific academic questions related to their major.

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