The Association of Honors Art (AHA) exists to bring together Honors students who appreciate or practice art. We want to harbor a community of artists and art appreciators where we can learn, hang out, and grow together.

AHA is inclusive of all people and their experiences. It’s intended for any Honors student who’s interested in any media or aspect of visual art. Our activities and meetings incorporate many artistic disciplines and don’t require advanced (or any!) skills, so students of all skill levels are always welcome.


Many Honors students have an interest or background in art, but aren’t going to be art majors, AHA provides a space and community for these students (art majors are welcome too, of course!). Activities include workshops and tutorials in various artistic media such as acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencils, and pottery and more. AHA also hosts museum and gallery tours and collaborates with the Student Honors Organization on Luminaire, the annual Honors art showcase, where students can submit art for a chance to win scholarships.

The goal of AHA is to expose more students to art and the art community in Gainesville. 


  • Presidents: Olivia Phillips
  • Vice President: Alexia Rangel Krashenitsa
  • Public Relations Director: Stephen Morton
  • Marketing & Social Media Director: Summer Bossman

Faculty Advisor: Mike O'Malley


AHA hosts 1-2 events each month during the fall and spring semesters, depending on the scale of the events and the availability of the members. All Honors students are welcome to attend, but active members must attend at least 2 events per semester.


Instagram: @aha.uf,


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