Lombardi & Stamps Scholar Programs

Scholars and faculty in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. May 2023

The Lombardi Scholarship and the Stamps Scholarship are the premier undergraduate merit scholarships at the University of Florida. Housed within the University Honors Program, these distinctive scholarships deliver curated life-changing experiences and a strong professional and academic community of highly motivated peers and mentors. The Lombardi Scholarship and Stamps Scholarship Programs align with the three pillars of the Honors Program:

      Opportunity: Summer enrichment experiences offer scholars the tools they need to achieve their goals. Study abroad and leadership training programs develop intercultural skills, individual leadership styles, and adaptability. A close network of faculty from across campus mentors scholars throughout their undergraduate career and beyond.

      Community: The tight-knit community of scholars is diverse, possessing a variety of academic, career, and extracurricular interests. They share a commitment to intellectual curiosity and a desire to understand global issues. Scholars build strong relationships through four shared summer enrichment experiences, confronting challenges together.

     Challenge: As members of UF’s Honors Program, all scholars are expected to graduate cum laude and strive to participate in research or internship experiences as undergraduates. Summer enrichment travel pushes scholars mentally and physically – building resilience and requiring collaboration. The three study abroad programs are intentionally designed to be multi-disciplinary, allowing scholars to explore new fields of study and build competence outside of their declared majors.


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