Since 2011, PRISM: UF Honors Magazine has been made by and produced for Honors students at the University of Florida.


The mission of PRISM is to develop the Honors community by showcasing various aspects of Honors life through creative and meaningful stories. Staffed by students with diverse backgrounds and interests, PRISM strives to educate, entertain and contribute to the development of socially aware and active individuals. The organization provides Honors students opportunities to further develop their talents through creating, writing and critical thinking.

Why Join PRISM?

Through PRISM, members have the unique opportunity to write both journalistic and creative pieces, as well as explore a variety of roles including writing, editing, photography, design, event planning and website coordination.

As a member of PRISM, you’ll not connect more deeply with the Honors Program community, but will gain experience in several fields and even see your work published.

Annual events include a fall and spring print release. These events may be adjusted to meet CDC guidelines and procedures for the academic year.

Fall Meetings

Meetings are planned for Fall 2022 at 6 pm on Mondays. PRISM will use a hybrid model, and staff will have the option to attend the meetings in-person or virtually.

Staff meetings will allow for the e-board to communicate with all members and share important information and presentations for the organization. PRISM will continue to upload articles to the PRISM website and share links on Facebook.

How to Join

Honors students interested in applying should submit their application forms by September 11, 2022. The application can be found here and on our social media platforms.

PRISM is seeking self-motivated students who can meet deadlines and collaborate well with others on projects! Please apply if you are interested in developing your skills in:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Photography/ Illustration
  • Design
  • Website coordination


Co-Editors-in-Chief: Daniella Conde and Zoe Golomb

Managing Editor: Kaitlyn McGowan

Copy Editors: Sofia Anrecio and Caroline Levine

Creative Editors: Noah Towbin and Taylor DiPietro

Web Coordinator: Marinna Stopa

Design Editor: Courtney Chalmers


Follow PRISM on Facebook at PRISM: UF Honors Program Magazine or on Instagram at PRISM: UF Honors Program Magazine.

For more information or to check out the magazine, visit

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