Honors Athletics is a group of UF Honors students passionate about emotional and physical health who love playing recreational sports.



Honors Athletics strives to enable the Honors community to connect through sports and fitness, by hosting a variety of outdoor games and events.



Honors Athletics meets weekly on Tuesday nights at 8pm at Hume Field for the Spring 2023 semester. Follow Honors Athletics on Instagram and join our GroupMe for the latest information and events.



Honors Athletics welcomes all Honors students, regardless of skill level or sport experience. Join our GroupMe to find out when and where we are meeting, show up, and have fun!

If you have any questions about the group or how to get involved, feel free to reach out to the executive board.



  • President: Jack Wardlaw
  • VicePresident: Jack McKee
  • Secretary: Matt Wolf
  • Treasurer: Carson Roland
  • Social Media Coordinator: Magnicel Pulido
  • Risk Management Coordinator: Ben Schreibman
  • SHO Representative: Sriya Kollipara
  • Faculty Advisor: Renee Clark



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