Course Types

The Honors Program offers seven types of courses:

Honors Sections  Versions of regular courses for honors students, usually smaller and more in-depth
Quest Courses  All honors students must take the honors section of Quest 1
(un)common arts  1 credit courses centered around performances or exhibits (arts)
(un)common reads  1 credit courses centered around great books
Interdisciplinary Courses  Courses for honors students that cross and combine disciplines
Professional Development  Professional Development, Leadership, Research, Internships
Signature Experiences 

Signature Seminars: Leading researchers share their area of expertise with select undergrads
Uncommon Classroom: Explore cities, parks, or historical sites for experiential learning

Non-Honors students can register for an Honors course on a space-available basis starting the third day of each semester by completing this form via their UF G Suite account. Requests to register must be submitted by 4:00pm ET on the last day of drop/add.


Honors Contracts

We also offer Honors Contract courses to supplement any upper-division (> 3000) level course. Apply using the IDH 4903 Honors Course Contract Application.

Course Archive

Access listings of courses from past semesters here.

Course Forms

All course forms can be found here.

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