Undergraduates benefit from participating in research in many ways. You become a more competitive applicant when applying to graduate schools. You deepen your understanding of your field. You develop a relationship with a faculty mentor. You gain confidence and experience in research, writing, and presentation skills. You may receive academic credit for your research. The University of Florida is one of the leading public research institutions in the nation, and many opportunities for undergraduate research await you.

How to Find a Research Position

There are several ways to get involved in research: 

  • A good starting point is to visit this page from the Center for Undergraduate Research
  • Another way is to collaborate with a faculty member in your area of interest. A professor you resonate with may need an assistant for their current research project. If you're not sure whom you'd like to work with, try asking in your department about available research positions with faculty. Bulletin boards may also post openings. Click here for tips on approaching faculty.
  • You might design you own research project with a professor mentor. See these tips on building the student-mentor relationship. 
  • Another option is to apply to an outside institution to participate in research. It is possible to receive UF credit for this sort of research. There are countless programs around the country geared towards science and engineering research, but opportunities exist in all fields. The Career Resource Center, Honors advisors, and the Internet are all good starting points to find outside research opportunities. 

Academic Credit

Students are encouraged to register for research credit through their own departments. Contact your undergraduate coordinator for details. If research credit is not offered by your department, apply for research credit through Honors using the IDH 4912 Request for Honors Undergraduate Research Credit Form.

Research Opportunities

Special opportunities for undergraduate research are available, including funds, accolades, conferences, and scholarly journals that might publish your findings. Some UF examples include the University Scholars Program, the Science for Life program, and the McNair Scholars program. 

Many departments offer support for undergraduate research, so start with your department's undergraduate coordinator. Many faculty take undergraduate students on for research, so check with your favorite faculty working on things of interest to you.

There are national programs as well. One of the largest is the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU).  

Publishing Your Work

The University has the Journal of Undergraduate Research.  This monthly journal updates the university community on the various achievements of featured University Scholars in every department.

You can also publish your thesis in the Institutional Repository (IR@UF). The Undergraduate Honors Theses collection now holds over 5,000 items and the Libraries are happy to provide this free publishing and archival service. You can learn about the submission process at the Undergraduate Honors Theses library guide page.

Submission Process for Undergraduate Honors Theses

The Honors Program no longer handles this process for colleges and departments. Please see the Undergraduate Honors Theses library guide page for further instructions.

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