Strategic Areas of Focus

The Honors Program Strategic Areas of Focus have been in development since 2021 and represent the blueprint through which the University Honors Program will be prioritizing both current and future initiatives over the next few years.

Learn more about each area of focus below.

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Strategic Area 1

Mobilize and support a diverse community of learners who will challenge one another to address the problems of tomorrow


Bound together by curiosity and compassion, our purpose is to create lifelong connections among and for students from around the world, while encouraging each to maximize their personal potential and broaden their horizons. It is not enough to recruit a diverse group of learners; we must support our students holistically so they will not only succeed once they arrive on campus, but thrive in our community and beyond. We believe that each Gator who meets their intellectual capabilities is a win for all – and betters our collective future. Through active and collaborative learning communities in and out of the classroom, Honors students will graduate from the University of Florida better equipped to serve as leaders in shaping our collective future.


Strategic Area 2

Create an (Un)Common environment that distinguishes and defines a student's UF experience


In our mission to connect, nurture, and engage the next generation of scholars who change the world, we seek to create a distinctive environment that supports the intellectual potential and personal journey of each student. We are committed to curating tailored programming that is reflective and responsive to our students based on a deep and evolving understanding of their needs. Through continuous ideation and refinement, fueled by data, we will offer exceptional academic environments, holistic and transformative advising, valuable experiential learning opportunities, scholar development and support, and unique co-curricular and residential programs, with a focus on the new Honors Village residential learning community

Strategic Area 3

Maximize community resources to support operational excellence


Effectual leveraging of internal and external resources is essential to operational excellence, scaling, and building a lifelong community of academic devotees. We recognize the significant investment in the honors student experience through the development of the new Honors Village residential learning community, and we aim to maximize stewardship of these transformative resources through academic and community programming. Through intentional partnerships across the University of Florida network of faculty, staff, families, and alumni, our students will experience new and exciting opportunities to pique their academic interests and enhance their professional portfolios. Ultimately, it is a team effort to help students amplify their talents, build their capacity for success, and foster an engagement in lifelong learning.

Strategic Area 4

Foster a reputation of excellence and engagement as leaders in undergraduate honors education


Our vision is to distinguish UF Honors as a national leader and to serve as a first-choice public university for aspiring scholars. Our commitment to excellence is fueled by our desire to cultivate the full intellectual growth of our students and enhance the preeminent status of the Honors Program and the University of Florida. Our strength lies in our community, and we strive to build a structure that supports and informs honors education nationwide. Faculty housed in Honors share a strong commitment to supporting the personal and professional successes of students, in addition to shaping their own professional growth and reputation through regional, national, and international involvement in the field of undergraduate honors education.

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