Honors hosts a number of fun and educational trips for students throughout the year.

Uncommon Classroom 

Uncommon classrooms are courses designed around unusual topics with cities, places and natural landscapes serving as experimental classrooms. Students that participate are registered for a 1-credit course and are responsible for tuition (financial aid may apply) and additional course fees. Honors Wentworth Travel Scholarships are available to support this experience.

Details and application instructions for each Uncommon Classroom can be found under the Signature Experiences tab for the semester that corresponds with the trip. 

Honors TRiPs

The Honors Program and the Center for Outdoor Recreation Education offer outdoor adventure TRiPs exclusively for Honors students every semester. Transportation and group gear are included with the cost.

Information about upcoming Honors TRiPs can be found on the events calendar. Additional details and registration information is available via RS Connect.  A special promotion code that can be applied at checkout for a discounted rate is provided to current Honors students in the Honors on Wednesday email. 

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