Inclusive Excellence

The greatest strength of the University of Florida Honors Program is our community. Bound together by curiosity and compassion, our purpose is to create lifelong connections among and for students from around the world, while encouraging each to maximize their potential, experiences and horizons.

This work cannot be done without recognizing and celebrating the diversity of our community, including culture, disability identity, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, worldview and socioeconomic status. We believe that inclusive excellence is non-negotiable and essential for the benefit of all. Through the unique experiences and perspectives of others, we are better positioned to gain understanding, empathy and appreciation for human experiences outside our own and progress in our shared mission to build a better world.

In this effort, it is essential that all members of the UF Honors community feel safe and supported. We condemn all expressions of hate and do not tolerate racism, violence or discrimination on any level.

By nature, the Honors Program’s three pillars of opportunity, community and challenge support the inclusive excellence we seek to foster and improve. Our community includes scholars from around the world. Honors courses and campus resources around myriad social issues, as well as our Honors affinity groups are a starting point for engagement opportunities. We continue to learn and grow as we strive to make the Honors Program a more inclusive environment for all.


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Do you have suggestions for how the Honors Program can be more inclusive? Contact Dr. Johnson.

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