Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Find information on application and nomination materials here. Read the application instructions and tips before opening the online application. We recommend typing responses to all questions in a separate document then copying and pasting them into the online application in one sitting.

What if I am not admitted to the Honors Program?

Lombardi Scholars and Stamps Scholars must be admitted to UF and the Honors Program – be sure to apply for the Honors Program when you submit the UF Common Application.

What is the difference between the Lombardi Scholarship and the Stamps Scholarship?
  • Lombardi Scholars and Stamps Scholars are the most prestigious scholarships offered to first-year students in the UF Honors Program. A faculty selection committee selects 11 scholars annually from one pool of applications. Eight of those students are named Lombardi Scholars and three are forwarded to the Stamps Scholars Program for consideration. All 11 scholars receive the same on-campus benefits, scholarship stipends, and summer enrichment awards.
  • Stamps Scholars are part of a broader national network of scholars and participate in Stamps-only activities including a biennial national conference funded by the Stamps Scholars Program.
  • Learn about the history of each program here.
Who should complete the Nomination Form and Recommendation Form? Can the same person complete both?

The Nomination Form must be completed by a school counselor or administrator (principal, dean, BRACE advisor, etc.). Homeschooled students may be nominated by a homeschool advisor (not a family member). The Recommendation Form should be completed by someone that knows you well, which may be the same person that completes the Nomination Form. In any case, the person should be able to comment on your high school coursework, community engagement, teamwork skills, and cultural competency.

Are transfer students eligible?

Transfer students are not eligible. Students who receive a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree or 60 college credits concurrently and are admitted to UF as freshmen are eligible.

Will the selection committee have access to my UF Common Application?

The selection committee will not read your UF Common Application.

Are these scholarships a “full ride”?
  • These scholarships do not cover the full cost of attendance. They provide a $3,000 stipend for up to 8 full-time semesters. The stipend is typically awarded in fall and spring semesters for four consecutive years, but scholars may take a leave of absence for internships, co-ops, research opportunities, or personal reasons.
  • In addition, scholars participate in four fully funded summer enrichment activities valued at over $20,000 in total. Summer enrichment activities are mandatory. The first experience (before fall semester 2024) is a one-week leadership expedition through the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School July 30-August 6, 2024. The final three experiences begin immediately after the spring semester each year and conclude in late May or early June, allowing scholars to participate in summer internships and research experiences.
  • Learn more about summer activities and meet our current scholars here.
What other benefits come with being a Lombardi Scholar or Stamps Scholar?
  • Intangible benefits of these programs include a strong scholar community of current students and alumni and networking opportunities with UF faculty and administration.
  • Scholars receive priority for course registration and placement in the Honors Village Residential Community.
May non-Florida residents apply? What about international students?

Non-Florida residents, including international students, are welcome to apply. Note that an out-of-state tuition waiver is not a component of these awards.

What are some important dates?
  • The UF Common Application, including the Honors Program application question, must be submitted by November 1, 2023 to be considered for the Lombardi Scholarship and Stamps Scholarship.
  • The complete scholarship application, including nomination materials, is due at 9 am ET on November 13.
  • UF admissions decisions will be available on February 23, 2024.
  • Scholarship nominees will hear from the Honors Program no later than March 1, when select students will be invited to virtual meetings with current Lombardi Scholars and Stamps Scholars to learn more about the scholarship programs.
  • Finalists will be identified by March 11 and invited to mandatory interviews on the UF campus on Saturday, March 23, 2024.
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