Honors Sections

These are courses offered through departments across campus. They count as an Honors course and fulfill the normal slot of the regular course.

Quest Courses

Honors students who enter the program in 2023 or later may complete any section of the UF-required Quest 1 and 2 courses.

Quest 1

Quest 2

(un)common arts

These one-credit courses are discussion-oriented, seminar courses centered on a performance or an exhibit.

(un)common reads

These are discussion-oriented, one-credit seminar courses centered on a book.

History + Biography

Science (Non-Health) + Science Fiction


Society + Culture + Politics

Business + Economics


Interdisciplinary Courses

These courses are interdisciplinary in nature and often team-taught.

Professional Development

These courses are aimed at developing skills that will help students over their career.

Signature Experiences

Signature Seminars offer opportunities to work with UF's top faculty in their research areas of interest.

Uncommon classrooms are courses designed around unusual topics with cities, places, and natural landscapes serving as experimental classrooms.

These courses are application-based. Students that are selected to participate will be registered for a 1-credit course and are responsible for tuition (financial aid may apply). Details about additional fees associate with each course are provided in the description. Students are required to provide their own transportation to and from the location of the course.

Wentworth Travel Scholarships are available to support costs, up to $500. Students that provide proof of financial need as part of the application may be eligible for additional funding.

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