Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the Honors Program

What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?

Here are a few:

Find out about more benefits from our Honors Luminaries.

What is the First-Year Honors Program?

The First Year Honors Program (FHP) is open to incoming first-year students at the University of Florida. Students apply as part of the overall UF admissions application. Learn more about the requirements and hallmarks of the First-Year Honors Program here.

What is the University Honors Program?

Students who meet all of the First-Year Honors Program requirements and students who are accepted to Honors via lateral admission transition into the University Honors Program as second-year students.

Starting with the 2022 incoming class and the 2023 lateral class, additional milestones must be completed to remain in the University Honors Program.

Learn more about the requirements and hallmarks of the University Honors Program here.

Would I have to start in the First-Year Honors Program if I already have enough credits to be a sophomore?

All new first-year students start in the First-Year Honors Program, regardless of incoming credits.

Do most students who enter the First-Year Honors Program transition to the University Honors Program?

Approximately 93% of students who enter the First-Year Honors Program transition into the University Honors Program.

What are the most common majors of students in the Honors Program?

Honors students are involved in almost every academic field available at UF.

Currently, more than 70% of all honors students are majoring in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering.

The top 10 enrolled majors among honors students include: computer science, biology, psychology, mechanical engineering, chemistry, microbiology, finance, biomedical engineering, economics, and political science.

How can I learn more about the Honors Program as a prospective student?

Learn more about in-person, virtual and on-demand information sessions here.

Sign up for our mailing list for prospective students here.

You may also reach out to an Honors Luminary studying in your area of interest.

Note: We are not able to make individual appointments with the Honors Program faculty and staff.

Admissions Process

What factors contribute to decisions for the First-Year Honors Program?

Find more information about the review process here.

What percentage of students get selected for the Honors Program?

We admit less than 2000 students to yield an incoming class of about 700-725 students. In 2024, we exceeded 16,000 applications to join the program in Summer/Fall 2024.

When are the deadlines?

Find the application timeline here.

How are the test scores used and computed?

Find test score information from UF Admissions here.

Are PaCE or UF Online students eligible for admission?

No, with one exception. PaCE students who transition to campus-based programs after one year are eligible to apply for lateral admissions to enter the program as sophomores. Find the lateral admissions criteria here.

Are transfer students eligible for admission?

Currently, only transfer students who have been admitted to UF via our Santa Fe College Honors Program pilot program are eligible to participate in the University Honors Program.

However, any transfer student is eligible to graduate with honors in the major.

How do I accept my invitation to the Honors Program?

Make sure you submit your UF tuition deposit and confirmation by the May 1 deadline. There is no longer a separate confirmation needed for the Honors Program.

What is the University Research Scholars Program?

The University Research Scholars Program (URSP) is an invitation-only program whose invitees are decided by the Office of Admissions; questions related to  why a student was or was not offered an invitation should be directed to their office.

Questions related to the benefits of URSP, the program's requirements, etc. should be directed to the Center for Undergraduate Research.

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