Spring 21 (un)common arts

These courses are discussion-oriented, seminar courses centered on a performance or an exhibit. All of these courses are one credit.

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"Just want to start off by saying… wow. Thank you for giving us the ability to attend Alpin Hong’s performance this past Thursday because honestly, I had never been to a classical music concert before. ... There were so few people there that I felt like Alpin was playing for us and only us: a special select group. It was just incredible. As we discussed in class, I also noticed the light change behind the piano with each piece he played." - Alexa Khazzam

Go to something you've never seen before and learn about that performance from someone who knows the material!

(un)common arts courses

CourseSectClass NumberTitleDay/PeriodInstructorSyllabus
IDH2952 0007 29565 The Roots of American Music: Blues and Beyond   Face-to-Face R/6 Kellerman, Edmund  
IDH2952 07OL 29568 The Roots of American Music: Blues and Beyond Online R/6 Kellerman, Edmund  

Best Movies, Analyzed

Class #22940 Face-to-Face R/5
Online #29059 R/5

Class #23659 Face-to-Face T/7
Online #29071 T/7

We will watch, analyze, and discuss at least 10 movies in each class.  Students will learn to participate in discussions, expressing their opinions that may contradict those of others.  Students will learn to lead discussions, usually with one other student as a co-leader.  Students will learn a variety of movie genres, and see how movies affect society and our common fund of experiences (e. g. the impact of Star Wars).  Assignments are class participation, helping to choose interesting/impactful/entertaining movies, and leading one or two discussions.  In order to lead the discussion, the students submit a list of topics one week ahead of their discussion which is distributed to the other students in the class.

The Roots of American Music: Blues and Beyond

Class #29565 Face-to-Face R/6
Class #29568 Online R/6

A brief history of the roots of American music focusing on southern folk and blues masters and the Delta diaspora. In class music, attendance at live events, online performances, and possible field trip to Memphis blues clubs.

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