Spring 2021 Professional Development Courses

These courses are aimed at developing skills that will help students over their career.

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CourseSectionClass NumberTitleCrd  Day/Period InstructorSyllabus
IDH3931  3934  25267 SheMD: Women in Medicine   1 Face-to-Face R/3 Beaupre, Meredith    
IDH3931 OL34 27947 SheMD: Women in Medicine 1 Online R/3 Beaupre, Meredith  
IDH3931 3936 25654 Mapping Your (un)Common Path 1 Face-to-Face F/3 Spear, Kristy  
IDH3931 OL36 28568 Mapping Your (un)Common Path 1 Online F/3 Spear, Kristy  
IDH3931 3931 24963 Effective Communication in a Digital World  1 Face-to-Face W/9 Clark, Renita Renee  
IDH3931 OL63 30827 Effective Communication in a Digital World  1 Online W/9 Clark, Renita Renee  

SheMed: Women in Medicine

Class #25267 Face-to-Face
Class #27947 Online

This course is designed for women who are pursuing graduate studies in the field of medicine. We will explore the nuances of being a woman in medicine, hear from guest speakers who are practicing in the field, and learn about influential women in medicine. This course will be highly participatory and will include class discussions, readings, and written assignments.

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