Quest 1 Courses

All honors students are expected to complete an honors version of the UF required Quest 1 course.

The UF Quest program invites students to consider why the world is the way it is and what they can do about it. Students examine questions that are difficult to answer and hard to ignore in a world that is swiftly changing and becoming increasingly more complex. What makes life worth living? What makes a society a fair one? How do we manage conflicts? Who are we in relation to other people or to the natural world?

Quest 1 courses fulfill the UF Quest 1 requirement and 3 credits of the General Education requirement in the Humanities. Some may also fulfill either the Diversity (D) or the International (N) requirement and/or count toward the Writing requirement - please check the schedule of courses.

Please use the UF Schedule of Courses to find times, places, and other course information.

CourseSectionClass Number TitleCrd            Day/Period   Instructor 
IDS1161 014C 15837 Q1 What is the Good Life 3 W/6 Clark, Lynne
IDS1161 1C68 15601 Q1 What is the Good Life 3 F/4 Michel, Matthew 
IDS1161 1C75 15633 Q1 What is the Good Life 3 W/9 Clark, Lynne
IDS1161 1C76 15634 Q1 What is the Good Life 3 W/8 Clark, Lynne
IDS1161  1D01  15672 Q1 What is the Good Life  3 W/5 Nichols, Andrew 
IDS1161 1D04 15674 Q1 What is the Good Life 3 F/5 Michel, Matthew
IDS1161  1D07 15703  Q1 What is the Good Life 3 W/5 Clark, Lynne
IDS1161 1D11 15705 Q1 What is the Good Life 3 F/5 Clark, Lynne
IDS1161  1D33 15740 What is the Good Life 3 F/6 Clark, Lynne 
IDS1161 1579 21636 Q1 What is the Good Life 3 W/4 Nichols, Andrew
IDS2935 1JR1 15404 Quest 1:Music Entrepreneurship 3 M/6-7 W/6 Ruiz, Jose 
IDS2935  1EB2 15438 Q1 Life Well Played  T/8 R/8-9 Bohunicky, Kyle M. 
IDS2935  1NH1 15403 Q1 Lying and Deception 3 MWF/4 Haddad, Youssef
IDS2935  1NK1 15431 Q1 Medicine, Science and Dawn of Reason 3 W/10-E1 Kapparis, Kostas

Q1 What is the Good Life

Drawing on the disciplines that make up the Humanities, this course investigates the very nature of the human condition. Students examine the ways different people from different societies across time conceptualize the good life, the meaning and value individuals ascribe to the lives that they live or want to live, and the choices, costs, and benefits of the good life.

Life Well Played

This course examines play by applying a humanistic lens to the performances within digital games and arts. In doing so, we will seek answers to several key questions, including: Why do we play? Does everyone play the same? What makes play matter? What can we do with play? What might play tell us about our contemporary moment? To answer such questions, we will draw on humanities-based theories emerging from the fields of arts, education, computer sciences, storytelling, gender studies, and more to discuss how digital game play (and playing digital games well) has become an essential component of our lives, media, and discourse. In addition to reading and writing about play, students will be asked to engage with play through practices central to the arts such as performing, making, and exhibiting. In doing so, students will learn both the value of play and how to mobilize it in arts-based practice and their future careers.

Lying and Deception

"Examines truth, lying, and deception as parts of the natural world and human culture and explores the nature of these phenomena in relation to our role in the world and our responsibility toward it and toward each other."

Medicine, Science & Dawn of Reason

"This course discusses the early days of medical science and stands at the intersection between medical humanities and historical studies. As part of the “Nature and Culture” theme it explores how humans used the resources of nature and their intellect to find cures for diseases and alleviate pain and suffering."

Music Entreprenuers

Music Entrepreneurs have become influencers and respondents of societal issues and cultural trends. This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and vital skills for engaging directly and indirectly with their desired social-activistic endeavors within their aspired vocation, using music to strengthen their influence on global issues.


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