Honor Chords is a group of UF Honors students who share a passion for singing. 


Honor Chords strive to make a cappella singing accessible to all.

Meetings and Performances

Due to health concerns around COVID-19, Fall 2020 socials and meetings will be held via Zoom. If in-person meetings become possible, the group may meet by section (rather than full meetings) to keep contact at a minimum.

The possibility of performances for the 2020-21 year are TBD, however, the Honor Chords e-board is looking into options such as “producing” an album of songs.


  • President: Kenneth Harland
  • Vice President: Stephanie Cobb
  • Music Director: Patrick Lewicki
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Devin Mix
  • Public Relations: Matthew Farrell

How to Join

Honor Chords requires no tryouts and encourages all interested students to join. For the 2020-21 year, there will be a welcome meeting the first or second week of classes. Afterwards, members will have 3 weeks to fill out a commitment form. 

Ready to join the Honor Chords? Reach out to Honor Chords President Kenneth Harland at kharland@ufl.edu or 352-225-8362.


Connect with Honor Chords on Facebook! Feel free to send a Facebook message with quesitons or inquiries.

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