Mission and Vision


The vision of the University of Florida Honors Program is to encourage and cultivate the full intellectual growth of preeminent undergraduates and aspiring scholars through curricular and co-curricular experiences to fulfill their potential and goals. The Honors Program provides intellectually stimulating experiences designed to create graduates that have disciplinary depth and who also have the ability to fully engage in meaningful dialog across disciplines.


  1. Attract and retain high achieving students
  2. Inspire curiosity, intellectual daring, and creativity
  3. Provide educational opportunities to help students maximize their potential
  4. Provide close interactions with engaged faculty and the Honors office
  5. Build a community including residential experiences, service, leadership, and extra-curricular activities

Student Characteristics

The University of Florida Honors Program seeks to promote the education of graduates with disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary competency by facilitating the development of the following characteristics within its student body.

      i.         Intellectual diversity—Students who are not only open to exploration of other disciplines, but who possess such intellectual curiosity and passion as to yearn for knowledge across the academic spectrum, increasing student versatility, and creativity

     ii.         Creativity and curiosity—Proper intellectual diversity is a catalyst for ingenuity, but is not complete without a creative and curious spirit. Students who possess imagination, artistry, and the inquisitive desire to discover the transcendental “more”

   iii.         Leaders and professionals—Well-spoken, engaging students with the organizational, strategic, and interpersonal skills to facilitate efficiency and inspire excellence in the global workplace

   iv.         Critical thinkers and lifelong learners—Constructive skeptics and masters of the critical reading and experimentation who possess the ability to self-teach and are infinitely eager to learn and grow

     v.         Service and Integrity—Socially-conscious students who are tolerant, respectful, honest, and compassionate, promoting cooperation and the upholding of ethical principles with open minds that are able to reevaluate previously held positions

   vi.         Intellectual confidence and disciplinary depth—Students with the drive, motivation, and resilience to thrive on constructive criticism and pursue mastery of their chosen discipline through research, undergraduate teaching, graduate coursework, etc.