About the Think Tank

In this course-based camp, students will explore ethical issues in a rational, pragmatic, responsible, and decisive manner.  The objective is to prepare students to effectively resolve the myriad ethical challenges they will face in their personal and professional lives.  The foundation for being able to do so is critical thinking--a muscle we'll exercise together in the Think Tank.

Critical thinking, as we'll cover in class, is the ability to address issues from both sides, to evaluate the best arguments of each side, and to arrive at a conclusion based on a systematic analysis of those arguments.  Campers will work together to explore biases, viewpoints, and perspectives that affect the accuracy and persuasiveness of oral or written arguments, and to uncover reasoning errors or logical fallacies.  In the Think Tank, we'll sharpen the skills which allow one to defend viewpoints, evaluate issues, analyze new information, and reach ethical conclusions – exactly what today’s complex environment demands.

The classroom setting will have students divided into four teams.  Each team will have its own TA, a more senior honors student, to facilitate the development of ethical reasoning skills.  With the philosophy that “iron sharpens iron,” each student will encourage their peers in the development of competence, confidence, and courage which is needed to effectively deal with ethical challenges.  The course will culminate in a mini-ethics case competition, similar in nature to the types of endeavors one would expect to encounter in upper-level business courses.

As first-year students, making connections is invaluable. Those who enter the Think Tank will get a jumpstart on networking with their fellow incoming peers, upper-division students, and faculty in the Honors office and College of Business.


  • Students that sign up for the Think Tank will be enrolled in a one-credit Honors class automatically as part of the experience. This one-credit class will be completed during the time period of the retreat, so there is no need to worry about a conflict with the schedule of another class.
  • Please do not register if you have a time conflict. H-Camp, H-Day, OCRA, HP-Camp, Sorority Rush, and Marching Band all have conflicting schedules.

Registration Info

Summer 2023 Think Tank
Dates: Thursday Evening, August 17 through Monday, August 21
Location: University of Florida Campus

Please read the FAQs before registering for the Think Tank.
Registration will open at 10:00am on May 5.

Please contact Dr. Forbes at tforbes@honors.ufl.edu with any questions.


Think Tank - Syllabus

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