University Honors Program (UHP)


The University Honors Program is open to students who have successfully completed the First-Year Honors Program requirements, in addition to rising sophomores applying through the lateral admissions process. Learn more about lateral admission here.

*Starting with the 2022 incoming class and the 2023 lateral class, new milestone requirements have been added to remain in the University Honors Program. Students must meet these milestones by the semester they have earned 60 credits at UF (not including incoming credits).

**Submitted in your Honors Cohort on Canvas

All documentation for points and the final submission clearance must be submitted by the published deadline in the student’s graduating semester.


This is how the UHP aligns with the 3 pillars of the Honors Program:


Our faculty advising team meets with students to develop long-range academic plans, including preparation for graduate and professional school. Advisors also help students identify co-curricular programming to strengthen and complement their coursework, while our experiential learning coordinator develops such programming exclusive to Honors students.


Students can pursue a variety of leadership and involvement opportunities to foster community within the Honors Program. Whether they serve as a leader in an Honors student organization, as a mentor through one of our retreats or as a teaching assistant in an Honors course, UHP students play an integral role in weaving the social fabric of the program.


Through the Honors Completion requirements, students are tasked with adding depth and breadth to their undergraduate curriculum. Ambitious students may also pursue nationally competitive awards under the guidance of our fellowships coordinator.

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