Application Process

Any student applying to the University of Florida through freshman admissions can apply concurrently to the Honors Program. Using the Common Application for UF admissions, prospective Honors students should complete the additional Honors essay as indicated in the application. 

Note that students cannot go back and complete the Honors essay after submitting their UF application. Students must apply to the Honors Program to be considered for the Lombardi and Stamps Scholarships. Only students who apply to the University of Florida by the November 1 deadline will be considered for the Honors Program.

Timeline for 2022-2023 Cycle

  • August 8: Application opens via the Common Application
  • November 7: UF application deadline
  • November 15: Student Self-Reported Academic Record due to the Office of Admissions
  • December 1: ACT / SAT test scores due to the Office of Admissions
  • February 24: Admissions decision notification. Honors applicants will see one of the following decisions:
    • Accepted into UF and the Honors Program: Students accepted to both
    • Accepted into UF: Students accepted to UF but not the Honors Program
    • Not accepted into UF
  • May 1: $200 tuition deposit and confirmation deadline to UF. Students must confirm to UF by this date in order to confirm their place in the Honors Program. There is not a separate Honors confirmation.

Review process

The Honors admissions review process is coordinated by the Office of Admissions.

The Office of Admissions uses the information from the Honors essay to complete the selection process. Both objective information such as high school GPA and standardized test scores, and subjective information from the UF application (e.g. essay and other supplemental information) are also included in their review.

Please note that students accepted to UF Online are not eligible for Honors Program admission.

2022 Admitted Student Profile

Acceptance rate: 17%

  • 9,242 applicants
  • 1,571 admitted

Middle 50 percent:

  • GPA: 4.5 - 4.7
  • ACT: 33 - 35
  • SAT: 1490 - 1550

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