We're proud to have two team members with four legs. Our therapy dogs are integral to the holistic support experience for our students—and they can't wait to meet you.


Therapy Dog


Contact for:

  • Love and affection

Buttercup is an Honors Therapy Dog – but is better known to her fans as Buttercup the Therapy Mutt. She was adopted by Honors Pre-Health Coordinator Meredith Beaupre & family through Gainesville Pet Rescue and is a proud alumna of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She believes education for dogs is equally important as education for humans.

Committed to serving Gators, Buttercup finds her Honors therapy work fulfilling and energizing – just like her naps. Pro tip for prime emotional healing: give Buttercup a belly rub.

Aside from her therapy work, Buttercup helps raise the human puppies who live in her home.

On Instagram? Follow Buttercup: @buttercupthetherapymutt


Therapy Dog


Contact for:

  • Peace and happiness

Kenzie is an Honors Therapy Dog. After retiring from racing, Kenzie was adopted by Honors Senior Associate Director Dr. Johnson. She earned her therapy certification from the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and enriches the student experience by providing emotional support. She believes that sometimes, all you need is love.

A regular volunteer at campus and community events, Kenzie keeps active in her community and is a proud member of the Canine Blood Donor Program through the UF College of Veterinary Medicine.

While not supporting the emotional needs of others, Kenzie indulges in her two greatest guilty pleasures: taking naps and eating ice cream.

Keep up with Kenzie on Instagram: @kenziethegreyt


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