Effective, inclusive recruitment practices and supportive transition into the program are essential components in building a strong Honors community.

Dr. TehQuin D. Forbes

Honors Recruitment and Transitions Coordinator


Contact for:

  • Recruitment
  • Honors Preview
  • Early arrival programs
  • Lateral admissions
  • Alumni relations
  • Prospective student questions

TehQuin D. Forbes is the University of Florida’s Honors Recruitment and Transitions Coordinator. He works directly with prospective Honors students and families to usher a diverse group of individuals into Honors and guide accepted students’ transitions. He strives to ensure students feel welcomed, supported and accepted both on campus and in the program. He also works closely on programmatic efforts to engage alumni of the Honors program.

As a former UF Honors student himself, Dr. Forbes believes that Honors is great because the flexibility of the program allows for an experience as unique as each student. His personal Honors involvement included roles such as SHO Treasurer, Hume RA, Honors First Generation Director and Honors Special Event Intern. He studied abroad in Valencia, Spain in 2014 and holds a BA in Sociology from UF as well as a spot in the 2016 UF Hall of Fame.

Dr. Forbes received MS and Ph.D. degrees in Sociology from Florida State University. He researches and publishes on inequality issues in higher education and personal relationships.

In his free time, Dr. Forbes reads diverse fiction beside his pets and is active in a local kickball league. He also plays Pokemon Go – ask for his Friend Code!


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