About H-Camp

Are you an adventurous first-year student? Do you want to have fun in the great outdoors? H-Camp is for you!

H-Camp, the official retreat of UF's Honors Program, is offered to first-year Honors students at the beginning of the fall semester. Honors students are among the most eager and engaged students at the University of Florida, and we want to help them achieve their full potential. 

When we put a large group of motivated students together for two full days, give them the support of older, successful student leaders, and provide them with an opportunity to build powerful friendships and connections in a mentally and physically stimulating environment, the results are impressive. H-Camp participants go on to assume leadership roles in prestigious organizations on campus and the friendships they make during that weekend continue to strengthen throughout their time at UF.

This retreat is centered on welcoming and integrating students to the Honors Program. As first-year students, making connections is critical. By interacting with students who share common goals and interests, H-Campers build long-lasting relationships that will help enable success at UF. 

Summer 2021 Coronavirus Guidelines:

H-Camp will follow UF Health Guidelines to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Registration Info

Registration is now closed for H-Camp 2021.

Questions? Please contact Dr. Forbes at tforbes@honors.ufl.edu.

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