We are proud to sponsor two events before classes begin each fall semster. You can only register for one as they overlap in time.

H-Camp is our traditional camp at an off-site location filled with camp games, friendships, and connections.

Harry Potter (HP) Camp
HP-Camp is an experience unlike any other on campus. Instead of camp games, it will feature potion-making and Harry Potter-inspired fun. 


Can I register for both retreats?

Unfortunately, no. Their calendars overlap.

Can I register for either retreat if I will be in Gainesville for Marching Band or Sorority Rush?

Unfortunately, no. Band and rush are huge time commitments, and they overlap with the retreat schedules.

When can I move in if I am attending either retreat?

Campers participating in either H-Camp or HP-Camp can move into Hume early. For the 2021-22 year, that early move-in date is Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Housing and Honors will be in touch with more information about early move-in.

Do SHO members get a discount?

Yes! SHO members pay a discounted price at registration for both H-Camp and HP-Camp. You should have received this information via email, but please follow up with Dr. Forbes (H-Camp) or Dr. Law (HP-Camp) if you’ve misplaced your SHO membership discount information.

Can I get the registration fee waived for either camp if I demonstrate financial hardship?

Because of the cost it takes to put on H-Camp, we cannot waive fees completely. However, some campers may be eligible to receive a discounted registration price due to financial hardship, and they should contact Dr. Forbes if they believe this to be the case. HP-Campers will not have their fee discounted beyond the discount that SHO members enjoy.

Is there a waitlist?

There is a waitlist for both H-Camp and HP-Camp.

How will I get to camp?

HP-Camp takes place on the University of Florida campus, so transportation will include walking and campus buses. H-Camp takes place off-campus, and the cost of registration includes campers’ motorcoach transportation fees.

How do I register for the course credit I earn for being an HP-camper?

Don’t worry about it – the Honors office will register all HP-Camp goers for the Fall course credit when registration ends.

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