The University of Florida is proud to announce the 2018 Lombardi and Stamps Scholars Programs. A high school may nominate no more than two seniors who have applied to the University of Florida. Eight students will be selected for the Lombardi Program, and three students will be named Stamps Scholars annually. Preference will be given to Florida residents.

Criteria for the award include the following, but it is not expected that students will excel in all areas. Students with "jagged edges" often stand out more than those that are merely "well-rounded." Nominees for this award will rank at or near the top of their class.

  • Outstanding intellect and academic achievement
  • Sustained service to the community
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Demonstration of leadership or ambitionExceptional creativity and independence
  • Evidence of a strong moral character

The high school principal must sign the nomination form, but an instructor or guidance counselor may write the letter of nomination. Nominations (in a sealed envelope) may be included in the student’s application packet for the scholarship, or may arrive separately if the school prefers to mail it. Applicants that do not submit a letter of nomination postmarked by the deadline will be disqualified. Home schooled students should contact for instructions. Applications and nomination materials must be postmarked by January 26, 2018 and sent to the Honors Program, 343 Infirmary, P.O. Box 113260, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 32611. Attention: Dr. Mark Law.

2018 selection timeline:

·         October 2017: Application and nomination forms available on this web site
·         January 26, 2018: Deadline for submission of application and nomination materials (postmark deadline)
·         February 26 – March 2, 2018: Telephone interviews for Semi-Finalists
·         March 24, 2018: Mandatory interviews on campus for Finalists
·         March 26, 2018: Scholarship offers made
·         May 1, 2018: Public announcement of 2018 Lombardi Scholars & Stamps Scholars

Scholars Nomination Form

Scholars Application Form

Prospective Scholars

Dear Prospective Scholar,   

The Lombardi and Stamps Scholarships are the premier undergraduate scholarship programs offered by the University of Florida.  Each year a blue-ribbon panel of distinguished UF faculty select eleven students for these awards from a pool of over 150 nominations from Florida high schools.  As a member of the committee, I am amazed every year by the quality of the applicants.  While choosing the recipients is challenging, it is among the most enjoyable aspects of my job as director of the Honors Program.  I know my fellow committee members feel the same way and we always look forward to interview Saturday.

The financial benefits of the scholarships are obvious, but as you peruse the information on this site the real value of being a Lombardi or Stamps Scholar will become apparent.  The relationships you will develop with your fellow scholars and the experiences you will share are life-altering.  These intangibles are what will stick with you forever.   

Everyone knows it’s great to be a Florida Gator.  As a Lombardi or Stamps Scholar, it’s even greater.    

Dr. Mark Law
Director, UF Honors Program

Responsibilities of Scholars

Lombardi and Stamps Scholars will make satisfactory progress towards their degree and sustain high academic and personal standards throughout their time at UF. Upon their selection, they will each plan with an academic advisor how to best take advantage of the opportunities that UF provides for research, travel and experiential learning. To remain in good standing Scholars must participate fully in the summer enrichment programs and all other aspects of the program.


Scholars receive $2,700 each fall and spring semester for 8 semesters or until the Bachelor's Degree is awarded (whichever comes first); four summer enrichment programs, which include two international study trips, leadership training, and a community service retreat, are also funded by the scholarship. Florida's Bright Futures Program will cover a portion of tuition. 

Scholars will have many opportunities to interact with visiting faculty and speakers. For four summers, beginning with the summer before their freshman year, scholars will participate in study abroad, internships, academic research or other enrichment programs, designed to enhance student leadership and problem-solving skills, encourage service to the community, increase confidence and integrate classroom learning with real-world experience.