Scholarship Benefits

Lombardi and Stamps Scholars receive a semester stipend of $2700 each fall and spring for eight semesters or until the student earns an undergraduate degree. In addition, the scholarships fully fund four summer enrichment experiences: three international study abroad programs led by UF faculty and a weeklong leadership expedition.

Summer enrichment experiences are mandatory, beginning in late June (during the UF ‘Summer B’ term) following high school graduation. Scholars travel together in cohorts of one or two classes, building relationships within the UF Lombardi & Stamps community. These trips are critically important to encouraging reflection and developing cultural competence, skills that build leadership capacity and prepare Scholars to be leaders in their fields.

Lombardi & Stamps Scholars come together at formal and informal Scholar events throughout the academic year, including welcome and graduation receptions with Honors Program faculty and UF administration. As members of the UF Honors Program, all Scholars enjoy the benefits of interacting with other top undergraduate students at UF and participating in a community of scholars and servant-leaders. Application to the UF Honors Program is required to be eligible for the Lombardi or Stamps Scholar Programs.

Responsibilities of Scholars

Lombardi and Stamps Scholars will make satisfactory progress towards their degree and sustain high academic and personal standards throughout their time at UF. Upon their selection, they will each plan with an academic advisor how to best take advantage of the opportunities that UF provides for research, travel and experiential learning. To remain in good standing Scholars must participate fully in the summer enrichment programs and all other aspects of the program.

John V. Lombardi Scholarship

John V. Lombardi, one of the University of Florida's most charismatic and popular presidents, led the university during the 1990s, a period of unprecedented achievement and growth. His visionary leadership and indomitable spirit instilled in students, faculty and alumni an aspiration to fulfill their greatest potential. During his tenure, the size and quality of the student body grew to even higher levels, faculty productivity increased, national rankings steadily improved, research funding doubled, and the university's endowment soared to almost $500 million. By the turn of the century, the university had ascended to the top tier of public research universities - a testament to the legacy of John V. Lombardi. The Scholarship was established in 2002 to honor Dr. Lombardi and his achievements at UF.

Stamps Scholarship - A community for exceptional student leaders.

The University of Florida partners with the Stamps Scholars program to award multi-year scholarships to help driven and talented student leaders achieve their education and life goals. Stamps Scholars pursue their educational interests while developing their leadership skills with merit based financial aid including enrichment funds that can be used for study abroad, cultural exchanges, research projects and other educational experiences. Stamps Scholars also join a community of more than 1370 current and graduate Scholars around the world with whom they network and share their experiences.

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Lombardi & Stamps Spotlights

Lombardi & Stamps Spotlights