Overview of the Program

Any UF student who meets the admissions criteria can apply to the University Honors Program the summer after their freshman year. You do not have to be in the Freshman Honors Program (FHP) to apply for University Honors!

There are two paths to enter the University Honors Program:

Current members of the Freshman Honors Program will automatically move to University Honors if they complete the following by the end of their freshman year*:

  • Earn a 3.5 cumulative UF GPA
  • Complete at least 2 credits of honors courses (earning a B or higher)
  • Students who do not meet the GPA requirement may appeal to remain in the program. The appeal information is posted in the Honors Canvas group and will be due July 1, 2019.

Students who are not in the FHP may apply to University Honors through lateral admission. Students must have completed the following by the end of their freshman year* to qualify:

  • Earn a 3.5 cumulative UF GPA
  • Complete 28 credits
  • Students who meet these criteria will be notified via their UF email account in late May with a deadline of June 28 to apply.

Students who complete 24-27 credits may petition for an application by explaining why they took less than 28 credits​ during their first year. Supporting documentation relevant to the explanation may be included. Those students must submit their petition to Dr. Johnson no later than June 17 in order to gain access to the application. There is not a petition for students who did not earn a 3.5 GPA.

Note that lateral admission is the very last opportunity to join the Honors Program. We cannot accept applications from students who have already moved beyond their first year.

*The freshman year is considered Summer B, Fall, and Spring, but not the following summer.