Freshmen Admissions Criteria

We use a holistic approach and look at many factors.

2017 Entering Honors Freshman Profile - Middle 50% Range:

GPA: 4.5-4.7
SAT: 1980-2230 (old scores), 1350-1480 (new scores)
ACT: 30-34

2017 Acceptance rate: 43%

Factors Considered in the Freshman Honors Application:

Application essays - extremely important
Weighted GPA from high school - very important
Rigor of high school record - very important
Extracurricular involvement - very important
Standardized test scores - important
Class rank - not considered
Alumni/ae relations in Honors/UF - not considered
Recommendations - not considered (do NOT send)

About GPA / Test Scores:

GPA: When computing a student's high school GPA, the university only counts academic classes and adds extra weight to the most challenging courses: (1) an extra one-half grade point for all high school honors courses; (2) an extra full grade point for all AP, AICE, IB and Dual Enrollment courses. For questions regarding UF's GPA computation, please contact the Office of Admissions at (352) 392-1365.

Test Scores: Students who have taken the SAT multiple times may use their highest subscores from any test administration of the new SAT. 

American College Test (ACT) - This score must be earned all in one sitting; the university cannot mix or combine any ACT subscores. The University of Florida Office of Admissions requires the optional writing section.

The Honors Program will only consider scores from the December 2016 test dates or earlier.