Information for Students Denied to Honors 2018

We're sorry you weren't admitted. Unfortunately, we have much more demand than capacity and had to deny some very good students.

This year the Honors Program received almost 2100 applications for 400 available spots in the program. Application reviews include multiple components - at least two peer reviewers for each essay submitted, information submitted on your UF application (including high school GPA, high school course rigor, and test scores), and a holistic review by the coordinator of Honors Admissions.

You may review the specific criteria we used in our selections process here:

As you can see, the application essays carry the largest weight in our decision process, while standardized test scores carry very little weight. Because almost every applicant to UF Honors has a similar test score and high school GPA profile, we focus on our application essays as the determining factor for admissions.

Can you tell me why I was not admitted to the Honors Program?

Due to the large number of students we regrettably have to turn away, we are unable to provide individual feedback about applications. Based on the weight we place on the application essays, most often those essays are the determining factor for an admissions decision.

Common tips for application essays from our student reviewers:

Address all parts of the prompt (#1 issue)
Have someone else review your essays for grammar, spelling, and inconsistencies
Be thorough, yet concise - don’t waste valuable words on quotes from famous people, listing your resume, restating the prompt, or clichés
Be specific, especially when providing examples
Use active voice as much as possible
Throw away your initial ideas for answering the prompts - those ideas are often commonly used by many applicants
For the honors characteristics essay specifically, the focus is on your future interactions with the Honors Program, not your previous accomplishments
For the involvement essay specifically, only write about one activity, and make sure it’s something you are passionate about, not just an activity you think we want to read about

Can my application be reviewed again?

Unfortunately, we do not have an appeals process.

Can I get on a waiting list in case someone doesn’t accept their spot in the Honors Program?

We do not currently maintain waiting lists.

I thought admission into Honors was guaranteed if I received a merit scholarship.

The only students who are guaranteed admission into UF Honors are the recipients of the John V. Lombardi and Stamps Scholarships which are administered by the Honors Program. Other UF merit-based scholarships are reviewed using criteria which is separate from the UF Honors criteria. While a certain pool of students were granted auto-admission into the Honors Program on February 9, those decisions were made solely by the Office of Admission.

Can I still live in Hume Hall as a freshman?

Honors students are given first priority to live in Hume Hall and typically fill most spaces. If there are remaining spaces in Hume after room selection, the Department of Housing and Residence Education may open Hume to non-Honors students. There is no guarantee that space will be available, and it may be several months before we know for sure.

Is there another opportunity to apply for the Honors Program?

Yes! Students who have achieved at least a 3.5 GPA and earn at least 28 credits during their first year at UF will be eligible to apply to enter our program as a sophomore. More information is available here: