Honors Involvement Conference

Over 200 students got info on finding engagement at UF!

The University of Florida Honors Ambassadors held their annual Honors Involvement Conference September 11 in the Reitz Union. 

The Honors Ambassadors put on this event every year to help honors students of all ages find ways to get involved on campus. This year, 50 organizations from all across campus came to talk with these students and help them find an organization that interests them.

“The conference provides an interactive place where great students can connect with great organizations on campus,” said Christopher Battista, one of the four Honors Ambassadors who volunteered to take charge of organizing the event.

When registering for the event, students were asked to name what type of involvement they would be most interested in learning more about. Honors Ambassadors then used the responses to match students with specific groups of organizations. On the day of the event, each student received a personalized schedule for the day.

“We want to help connect kids to specific organizations and help them find what interests them right away,” Battista said.

The conference was divided into two parts, one focusing on recreational involvement and the other on academic involvement.

Students first attended two 15-minute recreational information sessions pertaining to their interests where they could ask questions to a panel of representatives from organizations. They had the opportunity to get more information during a 30 minute tabling session that followed. The same schedule was then repeated for the academic organizations.

“This conference is different than previous years because instead of just explaining why involvement is important we also gave them the opportunity to get started,” said Isabelle Puppa, president of Honors Ambassadors.

The information sessions created awareness about the multitude of involvement opportunities, and the tabling portions gave students the opportunity to approach the specific organizations that caught their eye.

“At UF there are over 1,000 organizations, and with the Honors Involvement Conference we can facilitate the process of finding a club,” Puppa said. “The kids get a more personal feel this way.” 

This event brings organizations directly into contact with the students and helps them narrow down which organizations they want to join. Being able to interact face to face with multiple organizations exposes students to the wide variety of available opportunities and helps them take their first steps towards involvement.

“I got to meet other people who are excited about the same things as me, both academically and recreationally,” said Meagan Hoppe, a UF freshman who attended the conference.

At the end of the day, students left with the tools and knowledge to be successful in diving into all of the extracurricular activities that UF has to offer.

“I even found a club for skydiving, which is something on my bucket list,” Hoppe said.

September 11, Kalynna Thompson