Unfortunately, we have much more demand than capacity and must deny many exceptional students.

The UF Honors Program's acceptance rate averages at about 13%.

The Honors admissions review process is a joint effort between the Honors Program and the Office of Admissions. See more information about the review process here

Can you tell me why I was not admitted to the Honors Program?

Due to the large number of students we regrettably have to turn away, we are unable to provide individual feedback about applications. Because the admissions review process is a joint effort between the Honors Program and the Office of Admissions, we cannot pinpoint any specific detail that may have been a deciding factor.

It may be helpful to review the Honors Application Tips to learn more about the philosophy behind our essay review process.

Can my application be reviewed again?

Unfortunately, we do not have an appeals process.

Can I get on a waiting list in case someone doesn’t accept their spot in the Honors Program?

We do not maintain waiting lists. We admit approximately 1500 students for the 700-odd spots available in our first-year class, knowing that not all students will accept their spot.

I thought admission into Honors was guaranteed if I received a merit scholarship.

Merit awards are not factored into Honors admissions decisions, just as Honors cannot advocate that its admits be awarded merit scholarships. Those decisions are typically made by the UF Office of Admissions.

Can I still live in Hume Hall as a freshman?

Honors students are given first priority to live in Hume Hall and typically fill most spaces. If there are remaining spaces in Hume after room selection, the Department of Housing and Residence Education may open Hume to non-Honors students. There is no guarantee that space will be available. Please contact Housing for more information.

Is there another opportunity to apply for the Honors Program?

Yes! Students who have achieved at least a 3.75 GPA and earn at least 34 credits (Summer B admit) or 29 credits (Fall admit) during their first year at UF will be eligible to apply to enter our program as a sophomore through the Lateral Admissions process.

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