Frequently asked questions for the Honors Program.

Freshmen Admissions

What factors contribute to decisions for the Freshmen Honors Program?

Application essays - extremely important
Quality of high school academic record - very important
Extracurricular involvement - very important
Class rank - not considered
Alumni/ae relations in Honors/UF - not considered
Recommendations - not considered (do NOT send)

What did accepted students profile look like last year?

2018 Accepted Honors Freshman Profile - Middle 50% Range:

GPA: 4.5-4.7

SAT: 1400-1500

ACT: 31-34

2018 Acceptance rate: 30%

How are the scores used and computed?


When computing a student's high school GPA, the university only counts academic classes and adds extra weight to the most challenging courses: (1) an extra one-half grade point for all high school honors courses; (2) an extra full grade point for all AP, AICE, IB and Dual Enrollment courses. For questions regarding UF's GPA computation, please contact the Office of Admissions at (352) 392-1365. 

Test Scores: 

We follow the University guidelines on standardized tests (SAT and ACT).  More detail can be found at admissions

When are the deadlines?

The UF application deadline is November 1. Students must submit their UF Honors application as part of the UF application. Separate applications will not be accepted.

All Honors decisions will be released as part of the University of Florida admissions decisions in mid-February. You will be able to view your decision by clicking the Check Application Status button within the Coalition application. Please note that we cannot release acceptance information via non-UF email accounts or over the phone.

Accepted students must confirm their participation in the program no later than May 1. This confirmation is separate from the UF confirmation / tuition deposit. Students who do not confirm their participation will forfeit their spot in the program.


Are UF Innovation Academy students eligible to participate in the Honors Program?

Yes. Please note that there are very few Honors courses during summer sessions, so IA students will need to be conscientious and creative about meeting the Honors Program requirements.

Are PaCE or UFOnline students eligible for admission into the Honors Program?

No, with one exception. Students who are admitted to UF into these programs are not eligible for admission to the Honors Program as incoming freshmen. PaCE students who transition to campus-based programs after one year are eligible to apply for lateral admission to enter the program as sophomores. Those students must complete at least 28 credits at UF and earn a 3.5 cumulative UF GPA during their first year in PaCE.

This does not mean however that online students cannot graduate with honors. Those distinctions are independent of the Honors Program and are determined by the individual colleges and departments. For more information on graduating with honors, click here.


Are transfer students eligible for admission to the Honors Program?

No. Students who are admitted to UF as transfer students are not eligible for admission to the Honors Program. This does not mean however that transfer students cannot graduate with honors. Those distinctions are independent of the Honors Program and are determined by the individual colleges and departments. For more information on graduating with honors, click here.


Do I have to live in Hume Hall?

Honors students are not required to live in Hume Hall.  However, most of our freshmen elect to live there and a lot of our freshman programming is located there.  Details on Hume.

Are there extra fees associated with the Honors Program?

No.  Students do pay one-time membership dues of $80 to the Student Honors Organization (SHO) before their first year at UF, but there are no other fees charged for the program.  These dues pay for activities organized by the honors student organizations throughout the year and for the t-shirt that students receive during Preview.

Do Honors Students get early registration?

Yes, on a limited basis.  When registering for classes in the second semester of their first year and for classes in their second and third year, students who remain in good standing with the program are eligible to register during the early registration period for up to 10 credit hours of courses.  Please note that some departments limit early registration for certain courses so that not every course will necessarily be available.  Early registration does not apply during Preview (it is technically impossible).

I'm a prospective student. How can I meet with someone in the Honors Program to learn more?

We invite you to join us for an Honors Tour. Honors tours provide an in-depth opportunity to learn about the UF Honors Program from current students and honors faculty. Tours begin with information about the admissions process and benefits of joining our community. From there, participants will join honors students for lunch in the dining hall followed by a tour of the Honors Residential College at Hume Hall. Spots are limited, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. Events will also be hosted for accepted students. More information will be provided in their acceptance notification. Unfortunately, we are unable to make individual appointments for prospective students, but you are welcome to speak with one of the student assistants at the front desk of the honors office.

What are some of the fun events and activities that Honors students get to participate in?

We are constantly developing interesting events and activities for our Honors students. Check our events page for upcoming activities.  Join one of our student organizations.

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Completion Requirements

What do I get if I complete the program?

Students who complete the program will receive a medallion to wear at commencement, as well as receive a notation on their official UF transcript.

How do I complete the Honors Program?

Students must earn 8 academic points, 6 enrichment points, and graduate with honors in their major . A portfolio documenting all points earned is submitted prior to graduation. For more information on Honors completion requirements, including activities for academic and enrichment points.

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Early Registration

Who is eligible to register early?

All Honors students who started UF in Summer B 2014 or later. So if you started Summer B 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015 (lateral), Summer B 2015, or Fall 2015, you can register!

When is early registration for Honors students?

Early registration takes place Thursday and Friday before regular advanced registraiton begins from 9:00am-5:00pm each day.

Where do I register for classes?

All registration takes place online on one.uf - one.uf.edu – Go to Registration -> Register Now -> to add classes.

Help! The early registration date isn’t showing up on One.UF. Does that mean I can’t register?

The early registration date does not show up on One.UF. But it’s smart enough to know that you can register if you are eligible. Log on and give it a try when it’s time.

I have a hold on my record – can I still register?

No. You will need to follow the directions included with the hold in order to get it lifted. Note, departments will not lift your hold just because it is early registration or because you are in Honors. It will not help if your parent calls either. As Honors students, they expect that you have been paying attention to dates and are taking care of these things in a timely manner.

I have a hold on my record – can the Honors Program just lift it for me?

We don’t have that kind of power. Only the department that created the hold can lift it. For example, engineering majors must see their engineering advisors to get their engineering holds lifted. Only admissions can lift the admissions credentials hold. Only the Bursar’s Office can lift your financial hold.

Do I need to meet with an Honors advisor before I can register?

No. In fact, with 1400+ students eligible for early registration and only 3 advisors, it would be physically impossible! The only students who are required to meet with an Honors advisor prior to registration are the United World College Scholars.

But can I meet with an Honors advisor before I register?

All Honors advisors are actually booked through early next week already. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call (352) 392-1519 to try to get in next week. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get in!

Can I register for all of my classes during early registration?

No. You can register for up to 10 credits during early registration. You may add the rest of your courses during your regular registration time.

Are all courses going to be available during early registration?

No, but most will be available. Some departments limit access to certain courses to their majors only. For example, Anatomy and Physiology are limited to certain majors that require them at first. Those restrictions will lift on November 21, so any student can add them at that time.

Can I only register for Honors courses during early registration?

No. You can register for most courses during this time.

When do I register for the rest of my courses?

You can register for the rest of your courses during your regular registration time. To find this date / time, check Registration Prep on one.uf. Note, you will have to click through multiple screens in order to find it.

Where is the WEB building?

On your computer – that’s an online course!

Where can I find the list of Honors courses for spring?

On the Honors web site, of course!  Links to courses are by semester.

How do I find out what courses are offered?

On the one.uf page - click on schedule of courses.

Why is a course listed as TBA?

The professor may not have scheduled the meeting time yet. Contact the department offering the course for more information.

What are the pre-health requirements I should be taking?

Here’s a good list: http://www.advising.ufl.edu/docs/PreHealthRequirements.pdf

It’s early registration time, and one.uf is saying I’m not set up to register. What do I do?

First, make sure you are eligible to register early. Then, try closing your browser and opening a new one. Sometimes ISIS just needs a refresh. If it still doesn’t work, please call the Registrar’s Office at 352-392-1374

What happens if I miss early registration?

You miss early registration. We did give you the heads-up for about a month in the Honors Daily…Luckily, you can still register during your regular registration time.

How do I decide what credits to register for during early registration?

That is up to you! We recommend prioritizing the courses that may only have 1 section available, or focusing on courses where you have a specific preference for a certain time or professor. Courses with multiple sections and online courses can probably wait.

How can I find a course to fulfill a certain general education requirement?

Use the search feature on the schedule of courses.  Under course properties, select general education.  Then select the type and click on search.

How do I find the advisor for my college / major?

Advisors are listed here: http://www.ufadvising.ufl.edu/advisers.aspx

When does my spring schedule need to be finalized?

By the last day of drop/add for the semester.

I tried to register for a course, and it says I don’t meet the prereq, but I know I do. What do I do?

You will need to contact the department offering the course.

I’m trying to register for a course, but it’s listed as DEPT. What does that mean?

That means the course is departmentally controlled for some reason. You must contact the department offering the course to see if you can be added. It may be restricted to certain majors or cohorts, so registration is not guaranteed.

Can I change my schedule later?

Of course. You can change the courses you added during early registration during your regular registration time and up through drop/add in January.

The class I want is full. What do I do? Is there a waiting list?

You will just need to keep checking. After regular registration, one.uf will be available most days throughout the remainder of the semester and breaks for you to continue adjusting your schedule. Remember, if you don’t get the exact courses you want now, you have plenty of time to keep checking. Departments, including Honors, do not maintain waiting lists for courses.

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