(un)common reads

David Colburn called teaching an (un)common read "was one of the most rewarding experiences of his teaching career".

Have you ever wanted to teach a course around a single book? The UF Honors Program invites proposals for one-credit courses for the Spring 2017 semester which tackle one book in depth in a discussion format. Books may be from any genre — literary classics, contemporary works, nonfiction, graphic novels. David Coburn, Provost Emeritus, said teaching an (un)common read was one of the most rewarding instructional experiences of his career.   Classes are typically capped at 15 students.  

Please submit one-page proposals describing your chosen book along with student assignments and expectations. These courses will meet one day per week for one period, so please keep that in mind as you decide on the output you expect from students. With input from students and faculty, the UF Honors Program will select up to thirty courses for the Spring 2017 semester. The Honors Program cannot offer additional salary for faculty who wish to teach such a course, but we will offer $1000 in professional development funds (to be used for travel, etc.) to those faculty whose courses are selected.

Please submit proposals to the UF Honors Program Director, Dr. Mark Law, by e-mail at mlaw@honors.ufl.edu.  Deadlines are usually early in the semester for the following semester. 

(un)common art

Small, discussions oriented courses about performances or exhibits.

Like the (un)common reads, these are small discussion based courses.  Unlike the reads, however, these are centered around performances or exhibits. The purpose is to give the students greater depth and understanding of the art and to discuss its impact. 


  • Celtic Nights - Spirit of Freedom is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising (which led to Irish independence).  The course explores the history and tangled involvement of Ireland and Britain.  Guests will lead a master class in Irish Dance.
  • Capitol Steps - A course exploring the history and impact of political comedy, culiminating in a performance by Capitol Steps on the eve of the election. 

There is not an official call for these as the program is brand new.  Please contact the director if you have an idea!