About Faculty

This is a listing of faculty that have taught in our program.  Students are frequently interested in finding out more about their instructors.  It is not an exhaustive list!

Aloia, Therese

Therese Aloia, enjoys facilitating discussions, encouraging respect, collaboration, teamwork and teaching (un)common courses. She holds advanced degrees, is a published author and presents at regional, state and international conferences. Currently, Therese serves as Assistant Director of Donor Relations at the University of Florida Office of Advancement.

Black, Joel

Joel Black researches and teaches topics in law, inequality, and city life. He has taught at the University of Oregon and the University of Florida.

Butler, Margaret

Instructor: Dr. Margaret Butler, Associate Professor of Musicology

Dr. Butler is a musicologist whose research centers on European opera and American musical theater. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on topics in music history including music in the Baroque and Classical periods, opera history, Introduction to Musicology, and the American musical

Bryd, Jason

Dr. Byrd is an Associate Director of the W. R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine and a Board-Certified Forensic Entomologist. He is the current President of the North American Forensic Entomology Association and current Vice-Chair of the American Board of Forensic Entomology. He has conducted over 100 workshops specializing in the education of law enforcement officials, medical examiners, coroners, attorneys, and other death investigators on the use and applicability of arthropods in legal investigations. He has published numerous scientific articles on the subject of forensic entomology, and has also published two books dealing with the use of insects in legal investigations.

Carytsas, Ferol

Ferol Carytsas graduated from the University of Florida with a M.M. in music education after receiving an Undergraduate Diploma in viola performance from Longy School of Music and a B.A. in music with a minor in psychology from Florida State University. She is currently the Undergraduate Certificate Advisor and an adjunct lecturer with the UF Center for Arts in Medicine.  In addition, she is the Volunteer Coordinator at UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine and remains an active musician. She has completed the Undergraduate Certificate in Arts in Healthcare and has co-authored the article, The effects of arts-in-medicine programming on the medical-surgical work environment. She is also on the Board of Directors for the National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH).


Delfino, Joe

Recently retired, Dr. Delfino was a UF faculty member for 32 years, served as a Department Chairman for 11 years, and taught Honors courses in Environmental Science and Public Health Engineering. Prior to coming to UF, he was a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin and the U.S. Air Force Academy, and also taught part-time at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. This course will be of interest to students in pre-med, public health, environmental sciences and engineering, wildlife ecology, natural resources, agriculture, biological sciences, toxicology and sustainability

Fanucci, Gail

Dr. Fanucci is a Professor in the Chemistry Department whose research focus is on using magnetic resonance spectroscopy to understand macromolecular motion related to function and disease. She commonly teaches both biochemistry and physical chemistry based courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. However, she has always had a love for the history of science and was inspired by early readings (while in 5th and 6th grade) on Leonardo DiVinci and M.C.Escher. Her undergraduate studies were performed at a Jesuit Institution where a deep respect and support for a liberal arts education were engrained. Books such as this connect the Physical Sciences to the world in which we live and provide insights into the impacts of science on current day political, cultural and societal issues.

Hyde, Melissa

Melissa Hyde, Professor Art History, did her graduate work in the History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley. Her field of specialization is eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European art, with an emphasis on cultural history, gender studies, feminist theory and the history of art criticism. She teaches courses on European art (especially French); and on gender and the visual arts. Hyde has taught in UF's study abroad programs in Paris and Florence. She has been a recipient of the College of Fine Arts Teacher of the Year Award, and was named the College of Fine Arts International Educator of the Year in 2005 and 2011. She was awarded a UF Research Foundation Professorship in 2008-11, and again for 2016-18. This year she is College of the Arts' Teacher-Scholar of the Year, and is the College's nominee for UF's Distinguished Alumni Professor. Hyde is recognized as a leading authority on gender and visual culture in eighteenth-century France. She has published extensively on these subjects and on women artists, and lectures widely in Europe and the US.

Jefferson, Rebecca

Rebecca Jefferson received a Ph.D. and MPhil in Medieval Hebrew from King’s College, University of Cambridge, and was awarded a BA Hons in Hebrew from University College London. Prior to arriving to the University of Florida as head librarian of the Price Library of Judaica, she worked as a research associate in Cambridge University Library where she was the bibliographer for the Cairo Genizah collections. Jefferson’s published research focuses on the history of the discovery of the Cairo Genizah. 

Kelley, Carolyn

Carolyn Kelley, a faculty member in the University Writing Center, earned a PhD in English (concentration in Film Studies) from the University of Florida in 2011. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Maine. Her interests include teaching writing, women in Hollywood cinema, and American cinema in general.

Kresak, Jesse Lee

Jesse Lee Kresak, MD is a practicing Neuropathologist and Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine. In her clinical practice, she routinely diagnoses brain tumors, central nervous system infections, and neurodegenerative diseases (such as ALS) at the microscope and performs weekly brain cutting for the autopsy service. She teaches medical students in their second-year neuroscience course, as well as residents and fellows. Her research focuses on the immune microenvironment of brain tumors.

Kroen, Sheryl

Sheryl Kroen, Associate Professor of History, did her graduate work in modern European History at University of California, Berkeley. Her specialty is intellectual and cultural history of Europe since the eighteenth century. She has taught in study abroad programs in Paris, and currently directs the History Department's UF in Cambridge Program. Two-time recipient of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher of the Year Award and a graduate teaching award from the History Department, Kroen regularly offers classes on the History of France, The History of Consumption and Capitalism, the Enlightenment and the History of Women--especially writing women. For her archival research in France, Germany, and Britain she has been supported by many grants (Fulbright, Humboldt, ACLS, German Marshall Fund).

Leonard, Michelle

Michelle Leonard is a tenured associate university librarian in the Marston Science Library. She regularly teaches workshops for science graduate students, post docs and faculty on responsible conduct of research, including ethics of authorship, peer review, conflicts of interest, dual-use technology, plagiarism, and data management. From 2010-2012, Michelle served as the Principal Investigator for the $298,000 National Science Foundation (NSF)grant project "Gaming Against Plagiarism," an interactive online game about ethics in the STEM disciplines, and has served as a grant review panelist for NSF. Michelle is currently writing a book on integrating research integrity into the curriculum.

Parks, Robert

While earning his Ph.D. in comparative religion, Bob Parks had every intention of becoming a scholar of religion. Soon after completing his doctorate at Boston University, though, he discovered that his passion for teaching was steering him in a new direction—toward helping people develop the skills they need to be successful in their jobs. He moved to Gainesville, Florida, and began work doing computer software training. After a couple of years in technical training he was hired at the University of Florida. Through his own experiences as an unprepared (and very beleaguered!) manager, he realized that leadership isn’t always easy, but it can be learned. He’s been teaching courses in management and leadership development at UF for more than a decade.   Today, he serves as the director for Training and Organizational Development at UF. In this role, he leads a fantastic team, conducts leadership workshops and year-long leadership development programs for faculty and staff across the university, and facilitates strategic planning processes for departments and colleges at UF.

Pufahl, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Pufahl is a faculty member in the Center for Arts in Medicine, where he is currently directing a robust theatre outreach program. Jeffrey holds an MFA in Theatre Directing from the University of Victoria, an MFA in Musical Theatre Performance from the Cincinnati Conservatory, and a Licentiate of Music from McGill University. He has been a professional director and musical theatre performer for 25 years and his work has been seen across Canada, the US, and the UK. His work spans the genres of film, documentary film, musical theatre, traditional theatre, applied theatre, opera, and dance.

Rac, Katalin Franciska

Katalin Franciska Rac, library coordinator at the Price Library, is a historian of modern Europe. She earned her doctorate at the University in Florida and was a post-doctoral fellow and the University of Pennsylvania. She was also awarded an archival fellowship at the Center for Jewish History in New York City. Her research interests include the history of European Orientalism and Jewish intellectual and cultural history. She works on topics related to culinary history as well.

Roberts, Kellie

Kellie Roberts, an advisor for the Honors Program and Director for the Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication, earned her doctorate in Higher Education Administration at UF.  She also holds degrees in Communication Studies. She coaches the nationally competitive UF Speech & Debate Team and her research interests are in the area of instructional practices with a focus on curriculum and faculty development, postsecondary education, mentoring, and qualitative research.

Russo Ray

Dr. Ray Russo, Assistant Professor geophysics at the University of Florida, works on the flow of the Earth's mantle and its relation to global surface tectonics. To figure out how the Earth's mantle flows in situ, he uses temporary field deployments of seismometers (most recently in southern Chile and the Romanian Carpathians), freely-distributed seismic data, and computer modeling of large-scale tectonics. He also studies seismicity and seismic hazard in South America and the Caribbean region, especially the Greater and Lesser Antilles and Panama, and has worked in Chile, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela. Russo has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in physical geology, structural geology, tectonophysics, terrestrial gravity and magnetism, time series analysis, and seismology. He also developed and taught a course aimed at examining connections between physical sciences and the arts, called Science and Art in the Western World. Prior to working at University of Florida, Russo was on the faculty at Northwestern University, where he got his MS and PhD, and was the Harry Oscar Wood Fellow at the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington, and an NSF-NATO Fellow at the Université de Montpellier in France.

Shmalberg, Justin

Justin Shmalberg DVM, DACVN, DACVSMR, CVA, CVFT, CVCH; Clinical Associate Professor, Integrative Medicine Service, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida. I presently serve as a lecture- and clinical-based instructor of veterinary modalities which include rehabilitation, acupuncture, nutrition, and other related therapies for a range of species. I maintain strong interests in owner-animal interactions, both domestically and internationally, as they relate to agriculture, medicine, environmental sustainability, and human psychology.

Shehan, Constance

Constance L. Shehan, Ph.D., is a sociologist who teaches in Sociology and Women’s Studies. She has received local and national awards for teaching excellence and a mentoring award from the Graduate School. Much of Dr. Shehan’s research and teaching focuses on gender, work, and families. She previously taught an honors section of SYG2430 (Marriages and Families) and has taught HUM1000 twice. She used Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in a graduate seminar that focused on families, food, and globalization.

Smith, Craig

Dr. Craig Smith is an Associate Professor in the College of the Arts and the author of Training Manual for Relational Art CEPA/Big Orbit, USA) and the forthcoming Relational Art: A Guided Tour (I.B. Tauris, London). Dr. Smith has been a faculty member at UF since 2010, and previously taught at New York University and the University of London.

Smith, Jennifer K.

Mrs. Smith has served as the Associate Director of Course production for UF Online. She was also the Manager of Instructional Design Services at UF’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training  (CITT) where she coordinated a team of instructional designers and educational technicians to support faculty in the development of pedagogically sound course materials.

Prior to her work at CITT, Mrs. Smith was a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Florida Theatre and Dance Department. During her twelve years of teaching, she served as the Design Area Coordinator and the Costume Shop Manager. She taught courses in costume construction, pattern making, tailoring, crafts, and painting and dyeing.

Professionally, Mrs. Smith has created patterns and tutorials for the software company, PatternMaker Software. She has supervised costume construction for performing arts companies such as the Los Angeles Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder. Her creations have been worn by many performers including opera singers Placido Domingo and Denyce Graves as well as rock musician Prince.

Mrs. Smith received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Production from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Theatre Arts came from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Walters, Rachel

Dr. Walters has been teaching in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Florida for three years. She has taught many courses using TBL with great success including Principles of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Historical Geology and, of course, Physical Geology. Dr. Walters has a true passion for teaching and is committed to providing the best possible learning environment for her students. This course will be interesting, engaging, enriching, awe inspiring and a lot of fun.

Yost, Richard

The instructor for CHM 2051 will be Professor Rick Yost, who has extensive experience teaching Chemistry courses all the way from “Chemistry for Poets” (CHM 1083) to senior-level Instrumental Analysis (CHM 4031) to 6000-level graduate courses in Chemistry. Dr. Yost is head of Analytical Chemistry and co-director of the NIH Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics. He recently completed terms on the Florida Board of Governors and the UF Board of Trustees. He has supervised the research of over 100 graduate students, graduating 75 PhDs and 17 MSs, with 15 more PhD candidates in his current group. He is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of analytical chemistry, particularly mass spectrometry, and its application to biomedical, clinical, environmental, and forensic studies. His first love is still the teaching and mentoring of undergraduates and graduates, and he is thrilled to be teaching Honors General Chemistry! For more info on Dr. Yost, see http://www.chem.ufl.edu/research/facultypage.shtml?photo=yost