Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Wentworth Foundation in the form a substantial gift the Honors Program is now able to offer the following scholarships to honors students.

Wentworth Travel Scholarships

Wentworth Travel Scholarship. Up to 40 scholarships of up to $ 500.00 each will be awarded each year to honors students for projects involving undergraduate research: these will include travel to a library or archives to do research; attend a meeting to present a paper or poster; attend a professional meeting in your major (must have a specific reason for going); participate in a competitive internship (unpaid) in another location etc. There is no deadline. We will continue to make awards until the annual fund is exhausted. If selected, students may be funded for one Wentworth Travel Scholarship per academic year.  Travel must be completed before graduation. A GPA minimum of 3.0 is required.

Download the Wentworth Travel Scholarship Application
Contact: Mark Law

Wentworth Partners in the Park

The Honors Program no longer participates in the Partners in the Parks program as of Spring 2020.

Contact: Melissa Johnson

Wentworth Study Abroad Scholarships

These scholarships are for any UF approved programs for study abroad in the summer term. At least 4 awards, of up to $1500 each are given each year. Eligibility: UF undergraduate, current UF Honors student. Preference given to freshman or sophomore in Honors Program who has not gone abroad before. Apply online through the International Center Study Abroad Services; see the UFIC Website for application and more details. There is no separate application for the Honors Program scholarships.

Application available online at  **All applicants must apply online**

Albert G. Raybun Scholarship

This is a need-based scholarship for juniors following a pre-medical course of study, to support them during their senior year. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must submit a letter stating "the circumstances for requesting aid". All applicants must have a current FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid office. Deadline is May 1 each year for an award for the following academic year. Minimum grants are $500; maximum $1000.

Campus Deadline: May 1 at 4:30pm, annually
Download the Albert G. Rayburn Scholarship Application
Contact: Mark Law