IDH 4905 Independent Study Application

Apply to enroll in an honors independent study.  Please check and see if there is a course in the major that would be appropriate!

IDH 4912 Honors Undergrad Research Application

IDH Undergrad Research Credit Application.  This should only be used when the research advisor does not have an undergrad research number available to them.  For example, students doing research in the health sciences should enroll with this.

IDH 4940 Internship Application

Use this form for Internship Application

IDH 4942 Honors Contract Course

Turn any upper division course into an Honors course.

How the honors contract works:

  • Within the first three class days of the semester, student and professor agree on how to structure the contract and jointly complete the Honors Contract Form
  • Student takes the form or emails it to the Honors Program Director for approval.
  • If approved, the student is added to a section of IDH 4903.
  • Professor submits the final grade for the student for the honors section to the Honors office.

What an honors contract should and should not be:

  • It should enhance the quality of the learning experience in the course, rather than simply increasing the quantity of work.  In most cases, a higher quality experience will require more time and effort, so Honors students will indeed be working harder.
  • It should hone the student’s critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills in addition to enhancing their grasp of the subject.
  • It should enhance interaction between the student and the professor.
  • It should not be burdensome to the professor in terms of time or resources.

Some ideas for contracts that have worked well:

  • Student participates in lab meetings and/or research with professor and grad students on course topic.
  • Student attends and summarizes seminars on campus related on course topic.
  • Student does independent reading on the topic with guidance from professor, and then presents analysis (either oral or written, to professor or to class).
  • Student helps professor develop lecture(s), lab exercise(s), or multimedia on course topic.
  • Student helps with web design, publication writing/revision, or other extension- related activities on course topic.