Fall 2018 (un)common reads

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These courses are discussion oriented, one credit seminar courses centered on a book.

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Course Class Number   Title Sect Instructor Syllabus
IDH2930 18206 Systems Thinking Made Simple 2024  Court, Christa  
IDH2930 18379 When the Rivers Run Dry 2D09 Delfino, Joe  
IDH2930 18207 What Makes a Monster 204F Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Nina  
IDH2930 18328 Hamilton 21HD Law, Mark  
IDH2930 18208 European Multiculturism Today  2141 Svraka, Dragna  
IDH2930 18209 Dante 2143 De Simoni, Alberto   
IDH2930  18210 The Nowhere Girls 2144 Adams, Brittany  
IDH2930 18211 The Galileo Affair 2159 Agnelli, Sara  
IDH2930 18212 Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change by Ellen Pao  2160 Phataralaoha, Anchalee  
IDH2930 18323 The Secrets of Alchemy 217E Angerhofer, Alexander  
IDH2930 18213 Medic Culture 2175 Ansell, Maggie  
IDH2930 18324 Unfree Speech 218F Austin, Roger L.  
IDH2930  18325 Pilot Your Life 218H  Bechtle, Alexandra/Bloomquist, David   
IDH2930 18327 Seeing The Other: Martin Buber's I and Thou as a Way Forward  219F Best, Todd  
IDH2930 18326 Petty: The Biography 2196 Calvert, Clay  
IDH2930 18313 Examining the unique bonds shared by identical and fraternal twins  22BB Kopsell, Dean  
IDH2930 18314 Deltas and Humans: A long relationship now threatened by global change 22BC Bianchi, Thomas S.  
IDH2930 18315 Stamped! 22BD Black, Joel  
IDH2930 18316 Meet the Author: Zoning Inequality 22BE Black, Joel  
IDH2930  18317 Calculus Gems 22BF Bona, Miklos  
IDH2930 18203 Physician Writers in the Postmodern Era 22B4 Cogle, Christopher  
IDH2930 18321 TheGenesis of Propaganda 22CB Dinnin, Alec  
IDH2930 18235 Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America's Universities 22CD Donnelly, Anne  
IDH2930 18236 Evolving Perspectives in Modern Healthcare: House of God and Beyond 22CE Edwards, Mary E.  
IDH2930 18237 Oranges, yesterday and today 22CG Alferez, Fernando  
IDH2930  18238 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience   22CH Heilman, Kenneth  
IDH2930 18318 Cities in Civilization 22C0 Jawitz, James W.  
IDH2930 18319 The Issa Valley (Dolina Issy) by Czeslaw Milosz 22C6 Kowalewska, Agata  
IDH2930 18320 The Art of Pop Up: The Magical World of Three-Dimensional Books 22C9 Komanski, Carolynn  
IDH2930  18304 Homer The Odyssey 22DG Kostopoulos, Chrysostomos   
IDH2930 18239  A Cuban Novel: Assassination, Revolution, and the Peril of Writing 22D3 Little, William  
IDH2930  18305 Moneyball 22E0 McCrea, Brian  
IDH2930  18306 The Hate U Give 22E5 Cowley, Matthew  
IDH2930 18307 The Search for Fossil Evidence of the Origin of Humans 22E6 Nation, James  
IDH2930  18372 Reading Anton Chekhov's The Seagull  22GE Rylkova, Galina  
IDH2930  18376 A City of Two Tales: Reading Istanbul from Orhan Pamuk Novels  22HD  Sahin, Emrah  
IDH2930   18377 Phoenix: Reading the "God of Manga's" Masterwork 22HG Smith, Christopher  
IDH2930  18378 Insects and Plants 22HH Sourakov, Andrei  
IDH2930  18373 Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein 22H2 Stewart, Gregory   
IDH2930  18374 Madagascar  22H3  Tennant, Michele R.  
IDH2930 18375 Rigor Mortis 22H6 Waddell, Frank  
IDH2930  18329 Boccaccio's Decmeron 2201 Watt, Mary  
IDH2930 18289 13 Reasons Why 1C16 DiCaprio, Brittany/Pigg, Robert  
IDH2930 18205 Social Justice, Inclusion, Trigger Warnings, Censorship and Intellectual Freedom 1F58 Keith, Brian  
IDH2930 21333  The Graphic Medicine Manifesto 136G Pomputius, Ariel/Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Nina  
IDH2930 21840  Experiencing Hamlet As an Actor 3D77 Homan, Sidney