Spring 2020 Professional Development Courses

These courses are aimed at developing skills that will help students over their career.

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CourseClass Number TitleCrdSectionInstructorSyllabus
IDH3931  14195 Exploring Medicine through streaming media  1 2C85 Winchester, David  Exploring Medicine 
IDH2930 24668  Introduction to Law @ Levin 1 2016  Black, Joel  
IDH3931  24750 The Future of Leadership and You 1 2017 Hove, Harrison The Future of Leadership and You 

The Future of Leadership and You

Heighten your influence and impact by diving into The Future of Leadership and You.  This course will examine how the roles and expectations of leaders have evolved during the last few decades.  You will be equipped with skills to heighten your own leadership abilities by defining your leadership philosophy, sharpening your communication skills, and understanding the differing needs of your constituents.