Spring 2018 Professional Development Course Offerings

These courses are aimed at developing skills that will help students over their career.

Please use the UF Schedule of Courses to find times, places, and other course information.

IDH3931 Intro to Law @ Levin 1 0978 Joel Black Intro to Law @ Levin 
IDH 4905 Honors Admission 1 117H  Melissa Johnson  
IDH3931 Exploring 3D with Building, Modeling & Printing 1 052C  Sara Gonzalez Exploring 3D with Building, Modeling & Printing 
IDH3931  Nature of Running 1 0579  Jennifer Andrew  Nature of Running 
IDH3931 Leadership 1 054E  Robert Parks Leadership Development 
IDH2930 Grit 1 1858 Harris, Paige
Wysocki, Al
Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance 

Honors Admissions

Students in this class will read the 2500+ application essays from incoming freshmen applying to the Honors Program in spring. We will spend the first half of the term reading old essays and developing rubrics for evaluating the new essays.

Enrollment to this class will be by application only. More information will be included in the Honors Daily and linked here.

Exploring 3D with Building, Modeling & Printing

Hands-on experience with 3D modeling, scanning, and printing is essential for students in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, arts, and medicine. This 1-credit class is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience for students to explore 3D technologies. Students will, in a team, build the MADE3D Jellybox 3D printer kit, a printer that is designed to be easily assembled using zip ties and well-labeled components (https://www.imade3d.com/).  Once their 3D printer is complete, the teams will use it to print models they create using Tinkercad, Autodesk’s free web-based modeling software, and by scanning existing objects using the library’s Structure 3D scanners.  Note that no prior experience with electronics or 3D technology is required or necessary – this class is open to all.


Intro to Law at Levin

Who gets rights? What is feminist legal theory, or critical race theory, and how do they work? What is property and how do you transfer it? Can you contract anything? What does it mean to be harmed, and then “made whole”? What are constitutions?  This course is dedicated to exploring these questions by introducing students to legal investigations at the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law.

Spend spring 2018 meeting Levin Law faculty. Each week, listen to them talk about what they teach and study. This one credit course has no exam. Instead, it invites you to explore law in the classroom, to seek it out in the larger culture, and to blog about what you find. And, it challenges you to be an active audience member, to listen, to engage, to learn, and to ask questions.

Joel Black researches and teaches topics in law, inequality, and city life. He has taught at the University of Oregon and the University of Florida.

Nature of Running

People run for many different reasons, including for fitness, weight loss, and/or to compete. In this course, we will focus on why and how people exercise in natural settings, while also learning the value of nature-based fitness to society. This course is taught be multiple professors, with backgrounds spanning natural and social sciences as well as engineering. This allows a discussion of running that spans a range of topics, including training fundamentals, the economics of running, trail design, the allure of the marathon and other distance events. These discussions will occur in tandem with weekly group runs on trails throughout the Gainesville area.

Topics to be Covered:
Training fundamentals, motivations, and goal setting
Economic and health benefits of running
Trail design, ecosystem services, and environmental impacts of running
Demographics of running
The allure of the marathon

Expectations: Grades are based on class attendance and personal journal entries, which will be weighted equally. Journal entries may be personal reflection on the course material, thoughts on training goals, or your views of supplemental text material. No prior running experience required.


Strong leadership can make the difference between a high-performing team with people who enjoy what they do and a low-performing group where people are unhappy and frustrated. It can be the difference between making an impact or not. This course is designed to create a framework for understanding leadership, how it functions, what excellence in leadership looks like, and how to cultivate that leadership excellence in oneself.   Students will learn what great leadership looks like and have an opportunity to explore ways to develop their own leadership. The insights and skills learned in this class can help students be better leaders now as well as prepare them to lead more effectively as they grow and advance in their careers.