Fall 2016 Professional Development Course Offerings

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These courses are aimed at developing skills that will help students over their career.

IDH3931 Cross-Disciplinary Scientific Teaching 1,2 18B1 Waschewsky, Gabriella
Julian, David
IDH3931 Cross-Disciplinary Scientific Teaching 
IDH 4905 Professional Development Scholars 1 DEPT Garner, Regan  
IDH 4905 Professional Development STEM Women 1 DEPT Johnson, Melissa  IDH4905 Pro Dev Women in STEM
IDH 4905 Professional Development 1 DEPT Spear, Kristy IDH4905 Pro Dev
IDH 4905 Professional Development Engineers 1 DEPT Law, Mark IDH4905 ProDev for Engineers 
IDH 4912 Undergrad Research Var DEPT Staff  
IDH 4940 Internship Var DEPT

Spear, Kristy


IDH 4905 Professional Development

This course offers first-year students the opportunity to develop an action plan for deeper involvement on-campus and in their respective disciplines. Students will learn how to find and apply for internships, study abroad programs, research opportunities, and leadership and service projects. In this course, students will get to know the inner-workings of the university and discover available resources, all while working with other highly motivated honors students.

IDH 4912 Undergraduate Research

This course is limited to Honors students pursuing interdisciplinary research.  Students should always try to register in departmental or college research courses in the home unit of the faculty advisor.

Research with a faculty member on campus.  Please complete IDH Undergrad Research Credit Application

IDH 4940 Internship

This course is limited to Honors students pursuing interdisciplinary interships.  Students should enroll in their major or college course over this if available.

Internships can be a valuable supplement to academic coursework and an important tool in gaining real-world work experience. This credit is designed for Honors Program students wishing to pursue an internship and receive credit for the experience. Grading is S/U based on the completion of a paper at the end of the internship and a letter of support from your supervisor. A course taken for S/U does not normally apply to major requirements, but you may use these hours for elective credit.

Students interested in applying for this credit can download the Internship Application.

Cross-Disciplinary Scientific Teaching

An introduction to the theory and practice of scientific teaching in a cross-disciplinary science environment. Students will apply a scientific approach to science teaching, including reading relevant literature, experimenting with active learning approaches, and quantitatively measuring learning outcomes. Restricted to students who have completed the X-Laboratory curriculum.

This course is designed for students who have completed the X-Lab program and are interested in developing their knowledge and skills in cross-disciplinary scientific teaching through readings, discussion, curriculum development, and practice as an undergraduate teaching assistant.