Fall 2018 (un)common reads

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These courses are discussion oriented, one credit seminar courses centered on a book.

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Course Class Number   Title Sect Day/Period Instructor Syllabus
IDH2930 18206 Systems Thinking Made Simple 2024  M/3 Court, Christa Systems Thinking
IDH2930 18379 When the Rivers Run Dry 2D09 W/5  Delfino, Joe When Rivers Run Dry 
IDH2930 18207 What Makes a Monster 204F W/9  Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Nina What Makes a Monster 
IDH2930 18328 Hamilton 21HD W/10  Law, Mark Hamilton 
IDH2930 18208 European Multiculturism Today  2141 W/8  Svraka, Dragna European Multiculturalism Today 
IDH2930 18209 Dante 2143 T/9  De Simoni, Alberto  Dante 
IDH2930  18210 The Nowhere Girls 2144 R/8  Adams, Brittany "The Nowhere Girls" 
IDH2930 18211 The Galileo Affair 2159 T/10  Agnelli, Sara The Galileo Affair 
IDH2930 18212 Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change by Ellen Pao  2160 M/9  Phataralaoha, Anchalee Reset by Ellen Pao 
IDH2930 18323 The Secrets of Alchemy 217E W/7  Angerhofer, Alexander Secrets of Alchemy Revised
IDH2930 18213 Medic Culture 2175 R/10  Ansell, Maggie Medic Culture 
IDH2930 18324 Unfree Speech 218F T/10  Austin, Roger L. Unfree Speech 
IDH2930 18326 Petty: The Biography 2196 W/11  Calvert, Clay Petty: The Biography 
IDH2930 18313 Examining the unique bonds shared by identical and fraternal twins  22BB R/8  Kopsell, Dean The Mystery of TWINS 
IDH2930 18314 Deltas and Humans: A long relationship now threatened by global change 22BC W/7  Bianchi, Thomas S. Deltas and Humans 
IDH2930 18315 Stamped! 22BD T/5  Black, Joel Stamped! 
IDH2930 18316 Meet the Author: Zoning Inequality 22BE W/5  Black, Joel Zoning Inequalities 
IDH2930  18317 Calculus Gems 22BF M/7  Bona, Miklos Calculus Gems 
IDH2930 18203 Physician Writers in the Postmodern Era 22B4 R/9  Cogle, Christopher Physician Writers in the Postmodern Era 
IDH2930 18321 The Genesis of Propaganda 22CB M/10  Dinnin, Alec Propaganda's Genesis 
IDH2930 18235 Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America's Universities 22CD W/3  Donnelly, Anne Spy School 
IDH2930 18236 Evolving Perspectives in Modern Healthcare: House of God and Beyond 22CE M/8  Edwards, Mary E. House of God 
IDH2930 18237 Oranges, yesterday and today 22CG R/9  Alferez, Fernando Oranges
IDH2930  18238 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience   22CH R/10  Heilman, Kenneth Neuro-Cognition 
IDH2930 18318 Cities in Civilization 22C0 T/6  Jawitz, James W. Cities in Civilization 
IDH2930 18320 The Art of Pop Up: The Magical World of Three-Dimensional Books 22C9 W/6  Komanski, Carolynn The Art of Pop Up 
IDH2930  18304 Homer The Odyssey 22DG T/10  Kostopoulos, Chrysostomos  Homer The Odyssey 
IDH2930 18239  A Cuban Novel: Assassination, Revolution, and the Peril of Writing 22D3 M/7  Little, William Padura's Cuban Novel The Man Who Loved Dogs 
IDH2930  18305 Moneyball 22E0 T/3  McCrea, Brian Moneyball 
IDH2930  18306 The Hate U Give 22E5 R/10  Cowley, Matthew The Hate U Give 
IDH2930 18307 The Search for Fossil Evidence of the Origin of Humans 22E6 W/7  Nation, James The Search for Fossil Evidence of the Origin of Humans 
IDH2930  18372 Reading Anton Chekhov's The Seagull  22GE R/8  Rylkova, Galina Reading Chekhov's The Seagull 
IDH2930  18376 A City of Two Tales: Reading Istanbul from Orhan Pamuk Novels  22HD  T/9  Sahin, Emrah City of Two Tales Revised 
IDH2930   18377 Phoenix: Reading the "God of Manga's" Masterwork 22HG M/9  Smith, Christopher Phoenix 
IDH2930  18373 Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein 22H2 T/7  Stewart, Gregory   
IDH2930  18374 Madagascar  22H3  R/7  Tennant, Michele R. Madagascar 
IDH2930 18375 Rigor Mortis 22H6 R/6  Waddell, Frank Rigor Mortis 
IDH2930  18329 Boccaccio's Decmeron 2201 R/6  Watt, Mary Boccaccio's Decameron 
IDH2930 18289 13 Reasons Why 1C16 T/5 DiCaprio, Brittany/Pigg, Robert 13 Reasons Why 
IDH2930 18205 Social Justice, Inclusion, Trigger Warnings, Censorship and Intellectual Freedom 1F58 W/4  Keith, Brian Intellectual Freedom
IDH2930 21333  The Graphic Medicine Manifesto 136G M/8  Pomputius, Ariel/Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Nina The Graphic Medicine Manifesto 
IDH2930 21840  Experiencing Hamlet As an Actor 3D77 W/4-5  Homan, Sidney Hamlet 
IDH2930 22033 Lies, Damn Lies, Stat 3G71 T/4  Tim Jaccobe Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics