Enrichment points are for activities that involve you in the life of the University, broaden your perspective on society, and make you a better citizen.

Activities worth 1 Honors point
  • Short-term study abroad approved by UFIC (note: less than 6 weeks)
  • Participate in a Partners in the Parks program 
  • Participate in leadership activities (e.g., hold an executive board-level leadership position in a student organization or activity) (note: a maximum of 3 points is allowed)
  • Full participation in a multi-day leadership conference (e.g. LeaderShape, Gatorship, Gator Global Initiative)
  • Participation in a Florida Alternative Breaks trip 
  • Attend the Honors Involvement Conference 
  • Participation in an official UF performing arts group
  • Complete the H-Box 
Activities worth 2 Honors points
  • Six-week summer or semester study abroad approved by UFIC
  • Complete at least 50 hours of community service (documentation required, hours may come from multiple sources) (note: a maximum of 4 points is allowed)
  • Complete an internship at least 45 hours in duration (note: a maximum of 4 points for 2 unique internships is allowed)
  • Successful completion of the Green Gator Graduation Cord Challenge through the Office of Sustainability