Academic Points

Academic points are earned for taking challenging courses, obtaining greater depth in your field, and earning academic recognition.

Activities worth 1 Honors point

  • 1- or 2-credit Honors course (grade of B or higher) (Note: Science For Life does not count as an Honors course) 
  • Apply for a nationally competitive scholarship or fellowship (e.g., Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, Fulbright) 
  • Induction into Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, or Beta Gamma Sigma
  • A publication in a refereed undergraduate journal (e.g. UF Journal of Undergraduate Research)
  • Complete a minor or certificate
  • A regional conference presentation in a discipline relevant to the student’s major (note: university-level conferences do not count)
  • Serve as an undergraduate teaching assistant (note: a maximum of 2 points is allowed)
  • International Scholars Program completion (plus 2 enrichment points)
Activities worth 2 Honors points
  • 3+ credit Honors course (grade of B or higher)
  • Graduate course (grade of B or higher)
  • A publication in a refereed professional journal
  • Complete a second major 
  • Faculty-directed independent study or research (note: a maximum of 4 points is allowed)
  • An inter/national conference presentation in a discipline relevant to the student’s major
Activities worth 3 Honors points
  • Complete an Honors thesis / project / portfolio as part of requirements to graduate magna cum laude or summa cum laude
  • For students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, complete the CALS Honors Scholars Certificate

Please note that IDH 4912/4917 Honors Research, IDH 4905 Independent Study, and IDH 4940 Internships do not count as  Honors courses for completion requirements. Rather, they serve as proof on your transcript of completing research and internship activities.