Frequently asked advising questions. 

Honors Advising

What are the reasons to see an honors advisor?

Long-term goals, involvement, undergraduate academic opportunities, career interests, and other ways to maximize your undergraduate experience. Dr. Johnson also provides coaching assistance for students who want to discuss leveraging their strengths, plan for interviews, etc. Visit our advising page to learn more aboout honors advising opportunities. Please review the Honors Advising Syllabus prior to your visit.

If you need in-depth assistance with your particular major (e.g. questions about specific major courses and when to take them), please contact your college or departmental advisor. They have a much deeper knowledge of major requirements. 

What are the appointment times available for honors advising?

Availability varies by day and by advisor, so it’s best to call the honors office at 352.392.1519 to make an appointment. All appointments are Monday-Friday. Typically we make appointments between 9am and 4:30pm, with a lunch break from 12-1pm. You can request a specific advisor, or you can ask for the first available. No appointments are available during drop/add week so we can focus on critical scheduling needs via express hours. Note that we do not make same-day appointments. During peak advising periods, we will also institute a no-show policy where students who do not show up for their scheduled appointment will not be allowed to make another appointment with an honors advisor within that peak period.

For quick questions, visit the honors office during express advising hours.

What are the express advising hours this semester?

Express advising hours change each semester. For an up-to-date listing, check our Honors Advising page: http://www.honors.ufl.edu/current/advising/

During drop/add week each fall and spring semester, we will host additional express advising hours to accommodate critical scheduling needs.

Due to preview advising, express advising hours are not available during the summer. Students wishing to see an honors advisor during the summer must schedule an appointment. 

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Honors Requirements

What are the FHP requirements?

- Complete at least 2 credits of honors courses (with a B or higher)

- Earn at least a 3.5 cumulative UF GPA

- Complete the freshman transition survey at the end of the spring semester


The eligibility period for courses and GPA is summer, fall, and spring. Courses taken the summer after the first year at UF will not count towards FHP requirements.

What are the UHP requirements?

- Earn 8 academic points

- Earn 6 enrichment points

- Graduate with Honors in the Major (at the cum laude level)


Full details are posted on the Honors website and on Canvas

What are the steps for submitting my honors completion portfolio?

Students should submit their portfolio requirements in their Honors Cohort group on Canvas. Upload documentation for academic and enrichment points through their designated assignments. We recommend that students upload their documentation each semester as requirements are completed.

In the graduating semester, students should complete the Final Submission Certification quiz which lets us know that they have met all requirements and are ready for approval.


The deadline to submit the Final Submission Certification will be posted on the Honors website and in the Honors on Wednesday each semester. Late submissions are not accepted.

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Registration Help

Where can I find a list of the courses being offered?

Course offerings change every semester. The schedule of courses can be found here.

Where can I find a list of the honors courses?

A list of honors courses can be found here.  

Where can I find a list of general education courses?

Use the Schedule of Courses in One.UF to search for courses that meet general education requirements. Select the ‘semester’ and ‘program’ (Campus/Web/Special Program). Under the ‘Course Properties’ drop down, click the plus sign next to ‘General Education.’ From there you will see a list of all of the courses offered. Checking more than one box will allow you to search for general education courses that fulfill multiple requirements.

Where can I find the important dates and deadlines for the semester?

Registration dates, including withdrawal deadlines, reading days and holidays can be found here.

Where can I find a list of the classes I need to take?

Monitor the courses you need and the courses you have taken through your degree audit. The degree audit, available after logging in to One.UF, is an online system that monitors the progress of your undergraduate degree requirements. The audit has several sections including critical tracking, major specific courses, and general education requirements. It will also provide a list of your college requirements.

Where can I find a list of course prerequisites?

Pre/co-requisites and a basic description of the course can be found here

How do I find a seat in a class that is full?

Keep checking One.UF as often as possible to see if a seat opens. Departments, including Honors, do not maintain waiting lists for courses. You may also try to reach out to the instructor of the course.

How do I find my registration time?

For current UF students: Check Registration Prep via the Student Self Service link on One.UF. Select ‘Register/View Schedule’> Go to Registration Prep. Note, you may have to click through multiple screens to find it. 

For incoming UF students: If you would like to adjust your schedule after Preview but before classes begin, please refer to the Schedule Adjustment dates in the Preview Workbook. You may also register and/or change courses during the Drop/Add period for the semester.

How do I prepare for registration?

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for registration-

Find out when the schedule of courses will be released.

 Know your registration time. Check Registration Prep via the Student Self Service link on One.UF. Select ‘Register/View Schedule’> Go to Registration Prep. Note, you may have to click through multiple screens to find it.

Know the Honors Early registration dates (if eligible). This information can be found in the Honors on Wednesday email and through the Honors Facebook page.

Check and clear your holds. You will not be able to register for classes until your holds are removed. Holds can be found in One.UF under the “Holds” link.

If you need help planning your schedule, it may be best to see your college advisor. Honors advisors are available to help as well.

How do I register for an honors class?

All members of the UF Honors Program should be able to register for honors courses as long as there are seats available. If you are having trouble registering for an honors course that has seats, contact the Honors Program at (352)392-1519.

Non-honors students may register for honors classes with available seats on the third day of Drop/Add. Students must have a 3.0 GPA. To register, contact the Honors Program at (352)392-1519. 

How do I add a departmentally controlled course?

There are a number of reasons why a department may be controlling a course. If a course you are interested in taking says DEPT, you should contact the department offering the course to see if you can be added. It may be restricted to certain majors or cohorts, so registration is not guaranteed.

How do I remove a hold?

Students that have an honors hold or a United World College Davis Scholar hold must meet with an honors advisor.

Only the department that created the hold can lift it. For example, only the Office of Admissions can lift the admissions credentials hold, only the Bursar's Office can lift your financial hold.

Some colleges require students to meet with an advisor regularly. Students that have a college hold, must reach out to a college advisor.

Follow the directions included with the hold in order to get it lifted. Information about removing the hold and how to contact the appropriate department can be found under ‘Holds’ in One.UF.

How do I drop a class after Drop/Add?

Withdrawal deadlines for the current semester can be found under the ‘Registration Dates’ link for the current semester on the Schedule of Courses webpage.

Use the Student Initiated Drop/Add system on One.UF to request dropping a course. Your college advising office will process the request, and the status of your request is posted on One.UF under “status” - more info at https://student.ufl.edu/dropadd.html

You have a limited number of drops at UF. Generally, you have two drops for your first 60 hours attempted at UF (not including incoming credit brought in through AP/IB/AICE or dual enrollment) and two drops in upper-division. Hence it is not a good idea to use a drop lightly, as you may need it another semester in a true emergency.

Many people, including medical schools, recommend *not* dropping a course if you are earning a “C” or higher. A transcript littered with W’s does not impress grad schools, med schools or prestigious scholarships competitions. On the other hand, those programs are not impressed with a D+ in a course you were too afraid to drop.

If you drop a tracking course for your major, the drop may set you behind for that major. Dropping a tracking course may also be an indicator that you are in the wrong major. A full-time course load is 12 hours, and students need to be at least full-time for some scholarships and financial aid. If you are not sure about course load requirements for your situation, please check with the Student Financial Affairs Office.

Students who wish to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline and before the last day of classes may petition their college. Typically, the student will need to demonstrate an extenuating circumstance justifying approval of a withdrawal after the deadline. After the last day of classes, students would need to complete a University Petition Request for a Retroactive Withdrawal

Note that dropping a course may have financial implications. Contact Student Financial Affairs for more information.

Early Registration

Am I eligible for honors early registration?

You are eligible to participate in early registration if:

  • You are in good standing with the Honors Program
  • You have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • You don’t have any holds on your record
When is early registration for Honors students?

Early registration takes place Thursday and Friday before regular advanced registration begins from 9:00am-5:00pm each day.  We post the early registration dates on our website, social media, and the Honors on Wednesday email. You may also be able to find early registration dates in One.UF.

Help! The early registration date isn’t showing up on One.UF. Does that mean I can’t register?

The early registration date does not show up on One.UF. But it’s smart enough to know that you can register if you are eligible. Log on and give it a try when it’s time.

Am I able to register for a full course load during honors early registration?

For each term, you can register for up to 10 credits during early registration. You can add the remainder of your credits during your regularly scheduled registration time which can be accessed on One.UF.

Do I need to meet with an Honors advisor before I can register?

No. In fact, with 1400+ students eligible for early registration and only 3 advisors, it would be physically impossible! The only students who are required to meet with an Honors advisor prior to registration are the United World College Scholars.

Where do I register for classes?

All registration takes place online on one.uf - one.uf.edu – Go to Registration -> Register Now -> to add classes.

But can I meet with an Honors advisor before I register?

All Honors advisors are actually booked through early next week already. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call (352) 392-1519 to try to get in next week. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get in!

I have a hold on my record – can I still register?

No. You will need to follow the directions included with the hold in order to get it lifted. Note, departments will not lift your hold just because it is early registration or because you are in Honors. It will not help if your parent calls either. As Honors students, they expect that you have been paying attention to dates and are taking care of these things in a timely manner.

I have a hold on my record – can the Honors Program just lift it for me?

We don’t have that kind of power. Only the department that created the hold can lift it. For example, engineering majors must see their engineering advisors to get their engineering holds lifted. Only admissions can lift the admissions credentials hold. Only the Bursar’s Office can lift your financial hold.

Can I register for all of my classes during early registration?

No. You can register for up to 10 credits during early registration. You may add the rest of your courses during your regular registration time.

How do I decide what credits to register for during early registration?

That is up to you! We recommend prioritizing the courses that may only have 1 section available, or focusing on courses where you have a specific preference for a certain time or professor. Courses with multiple sections and online courses can probably wait.

Can I only register for Honors courses during early registration?

No. You can register for most courses during this time.

Are all courses going to be available during early registration?

No, but most will be available. Some departments limit access to certain courses to their majors only. For example, Anatomy and Physiology are limited to certain majors that require them at first. Those restrictions will lift on November 21, so any student can add them at that time.

Where can I find the list of Honors courses for spring?

On the Honors web site, of course!  Links to courses are by semester.

How do I find out what courses are offered?

On the one.uf page - click on schedule of courses.

How can I find a course to fulfill a certain general education requirement?

Use the search feature on the schedule of courses.  Under course properties, select general education.  Then select the type and click on search.

What are the pre-health requirements I should be taking?

Here’s a good list: http://www.advising.ufl.edu/docs/PreHealthRequirements.pdf

How do I find the advisor for my college / major?

Advisors are listed here: http://www.ufadvising.ufl.edu/advisers.aspx

It’s early registration time, and one.uf is saying I’m not set up to register. What do I do?

First, make sure you are eligible to register early. Then, try closing your browser and opening a new one. Sometimes ISIS just needs a refresh. If it still doesn’t work, please call the Registrar’s Office at 352-392-1374

I tried to register for a course, and it says I don’t meet the prereq, but I know I do. What do I do?

You will need to contact the department offering the course.

I’m trying to register for a course, but it’s listed as DEPT. What does that mean?

That means the course is departmentally controlled for some reason. You must contact the department offering the course to see if you can be added. It may be restricted to certain majors or cohorts, so registration is not guaranteed.

Why is a course listed as TBA?

The professor may not have scheduled the meeting time yet. Contact the department offering the course for more information.

Where is the WEB building?

On your computer – that’s an online course!

What happens if I miss early registration?

You miss early registration. We did give you the heads-up for about a month in the Honors Daily…Luckily, you can still register during your regular registration time.

When do I register for the rest of my courses?

You can register for the rest of your courses during your regular registration time. To find this date / time, check Registration Prep on one.uf. Note, you will have to click through multiple screens in order to find it.

The class I want is full. What do I do? Is there a waiting list?

You will just need to keep checking. After regular registration, one.uf will be available most days throughout the remainder of the semester and breaks for you to continue adjusting your schedule. Remember, if you don’t get the exact courses you want now, you have plenty of time to keep checking. Departments, including Honors, do not maintain waiting lists for courses.

Can I change my schedule later?

Of course. You can change the courses you added during early registration during your regular registration time and up through drop/add in January.

When does my spring schedule need to be finalized?

By the last day of drop/add for the semester.

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