The heart of the university experience is the academic program.  Friendships are forged and adventures had, but ultimately one should leave college prepared intellectually for a successful life. 

The Honors Program offers challenging courses in a variety of disciplines.  Some of these are Honors sections of general education courses while others are on topics that do not fit in a single department.  Occasionally, Honors courses are team-taught by faculty in two departments to provide different perspectives on an issue.  Sections are usually capped at 25 seats, creating a more intimate atmosphere that facilitates greater engagement between faculty and students.

Honors students often engage in research projects with faculty on campus.  These experiences are a valuable supplement to a student's major coursework and may lead to the publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals.  Many of our students pursue the completion of an Honors thesis as part of the requirements to graduate with honors from UF.

Students with questions about any academic issue may speak with an Honors advisor; they are here to help.