Early registration for current first and second year students in the Honors Program will take place from 9:00am-5:00pm on March 29 and 30 via ONE.UF

Early registration this semester is only open to honors students who entered UF in Summer B / Fall 2016 or later. You are not required to meet with an Honors advisor prior to registering.

You will be able to register for up to 10 credits of any classes, not just honors courses. You can register for up to 10 credits in Summer B and 10 credits in Fall.

This early registration date is for Summer B / Fall only. Early registration for Summer A / C will take place March 22 & 23.

PLEASE NOTE - the early registration time will NOT appear on ONE.UF – you are responsible for remembering it is taking place.

You will not be able to register early if:
- You entered UF prior to Summer / Fall 2016
- Your GPA is below a 3.0
- You have any HOLD on your record
- You do not have the prerequisites for the course you are trying to add
- The course you are trying to add is full or departmentally controlled

The Summer / Fall schedule of courses will be available in late February at http://www.registrar.ufl.edu/soc/

Honors course descriptions will be available by late February at http://www.honors.ufl.edu/current/courses/