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Ryan Taub
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Professor Mark A. Reid
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Diasporic Identity in Armenian American and Jewish American Literatures


The Armenian Diaspora and the Jewish Diaspora affects the literatures of Armenian and Jewish writers. This thesis focuses on the similarities in the fictional literatures of Jewish Americans and Armenian Americans due to their statuses as diasporic communities. The thesis also addresses some of the broader issues that affect all peoples living in diasporas, especially those who choose to live in America. There is a focus on how the literatures of both Armenian Americans and Jewish Americans contain and address issues of fragmented identity, assimilation, alienation, and cultural memory (concentrated in four main repositories: history, religion, language, and family). In large part, these issues stem from living under the diasporic condition. The authors analyzed are Philip Roth, William Saroyan, and Peter Najarian. A conclusion is reached that the hybrid identity made possible in American society, wherein one can identify as Jewish American or Armenian American rather than simply Jewish, Armenian, or American, leads to similar issues and themes in the literatures of both groups.

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