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Ann Hentschel
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Dr. M.J. Snider
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Health Care Environments and Systems
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The Effects of a Noise Reduction Program on Noise Levels, Patient Satisfaction, and Perceived Disturbance in an Inpatient Setting: Part II


The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effects of a noise reduction program on inpatient medical-surgical units by measuring noise levels, patients’ perceived disturbance due to hospital noise, and patient satisfaction related to noise.

The project was carried out in three phases. The current effects of noise on the units were assessed by measuring noise levels with the Extech Digital Datalogging Sound Level Meter Model HD600, patient satisfaction, and patient’s perceived disturbance with the Topf Disturbance Due to Hospital Noise Scale survey. Interventions were implemented and included staff education, modification of environmental source of noise, and a daily period of quiet time. The units were re-assessed after the interventions through measurement of noise, patient satisfaction, and patients’ perceived disturbance.

Prior to statistical analysis, patient satisfaction and measured decibel levels appear to have improved after the intervention of the noise reduction program.

The results highlight the importance of noise reduction in the hospital setting, to have an effective change in the hospitals locally and possibly the system as a whole.

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